Dragon Age: Inquisition
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Lore-friendly retextures of the Skyhold outfit for male and female elves. Two separate files.

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Dalish-themed retextures of the Skyhold pajamas for male and female elves, loosely based on in game assets and concept art. Two separate files, can be installed individually. Parts of this may be visible underneath certain armors, mostly light models. Beige fabric areas will change to cloth materials in crafting. On the female elf, the chainmail areas will change to metallic materials. On the male elf, the bracers will be affected by leather mats.

  • No Chainmail EF Alt - Same outfit, without the chainmail parts. Female elf only.
  • Black & Red EF Alt - Comes in black, with red trim. Does not change with crafting. Female elf only.
  • Neutral Tone EM Alt - Darker leather and neutral front panel.

UPDATED 8/13: Female Dalish outfit should no longer cause a crash upon arriving at Skyhold. Requires Patch 9 and latest ModManager.
Changes the base cotton fabric to different cloth materials, adds more tintable leather parts. Please note that, because this edits a shared EBX file, these will affect other "pajama" outfits for other races/genders. Install only one at a time. Comes in the follow variations:
  • Darkened Samite (grey) with Red trim
  • Lambswool (grey-brown) with Green trim
  • Everknit Wool (green) with Green trim
(Special thanks to sirsagrell for the excellent pajama mod tutorial from the Skyhold outfit replacement mod.)

These will conflict with other Skyhold outfit mods for the same race/gender. Source files (diffuse, spec, tint, norm) have been provided for advanced users to modify (requesting permission not required, but credit would be greatly appreciated), or for manual installation using the DAI Mod Maker.

Unzip the file into a folder of your mods. Use the DAI ModManager available in the DAITools Suite Loader.
If using after the latest patch, installation instructions can be found here. Please see the forums for any technical issues using the tool.

Many thanks to the talented and hardworking team who put together the tools.