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Retextures the beige casual wear. 3 Color options. Female human version.

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This is a retexture of the beige casual clothing. I originally made it for female elves, and Ottemis kindly offered to port them to the human model, so here it is!
This works for female humans only!
Original female elf version
Dwarf female conversion by Porceyln-Doll
Dwarf female conversion by Sunfairy (different colors)

3 versions, blue, green and black; each have 3 skin tone options, light, medium, and dark. Pick the closest to your slider setting. They correspond most closely with the 2nd lightest from the left, the middle medium tone, and the darkest tone.

For modders: Source files (specular, normal, tint map) and a PSD with separate layers for easy recoloring.

Images shown are unedited at High settings.


Pick only 1 option: outfit color + skin tone
 Install using the most current version of DAI Mod Manager


  • To make this I altered the tint file, meaning it will change how materials appear on light armor pieces with visible pajama parts (it will "overlay" color on the chest and sleeves). Everything else, medium/heavy inquisitor pieces that do not use the pajamas, and one piece stand alone armor like the human adventurers/orlesian/warden armor are unaffected. I have my mage in rogue armor with the class restriction removed via crafting. Also removing your armor will default to the casual outfit everywhere.

  • Because the skin area is painted on it may not match 100% under all lighting and it may not match all skin tones 100%. I tried to make it match as wide a range as possible given the current limitations. If someday with the tools we can do true skin matching I will update.


You may upload work based on this mod (recolors, etc) without asking first, just please credit me as the original author and link back to this page.

Thanks to: the creators of DAI Tools and the DAI Toolset for making mods possible.