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New eye texture.

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Brienne Ailyn's Eyes

I made these for my character Brienne, but I thought some of you others might find use for them as well.

Bigger Iris than in vanilla eyes, cause that is the way I like them. These are about the same size as my other eye mod "Babydoll" from SOS eyes up here.

I did not touch the sclera.

Not super realistic, very vivid colours. You can make pretty cool multicolored eyes since tints overlap in tint map.


Added alt version: +20% lighter sclera and -20% darker eye tint.

That is all. I hope you enjoy these and I did upload the right file...

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Thank you everyone in KNY discord for emotional help. I got the idea to make 2K eyes after seeing all your others fancy WIP eyes there.✨

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