Dragon Age: Inquisition
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Less full/more sparse, long, natural lashes.

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The thick lashes got on my nerves. These will appear pretty sparse when not zoomed into the face, but that's more realistic imo. I don't expect these to be super popular but wanted to release them for screenarcs!
Completely hand painted. I made a PS style for the yellow/orange gradient needed for the lashes to appear properly in game. If anyone is interested in making their own lashes, let me know and I'll upload it for you! ♥

These are like massive textures, lol. I'm going to make smaller versions but for now they're only 2k. Which is ridiculous for eyelashes. So I recommend using these only for taking screenshots unless you have a beastly computer.
I need to make some tweaks for the smaller versions; make the hairs thicker to compensate for the lower resolution.

If you get crashes or lag or anything, it's due to the size! And I recommend waiting until I make lower res version(s).

All these massive textures are me playing around with a 4k TV I recently got my hands on for my work. Everything looks crappy at lower resolutions so I'm trying to figure out a happy medium.

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