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Replaces EF Inquisitors pajamas. Only for Frosty.

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(This was originally in my Tumblr, but I thought I upload this in here too for easy finding, description is basically copy pasted cause I am lazy)

Ok, so I thought I am never gonna release this cause it kept crashing my game in so many places BUT then I saw this post and I realized that I could fix it in similar way too. Now it does not crash the game in exploration areas, but you are a floating head without your armor! (thankfully you can keep armors on in such places where this does happen)

Please read the text below! (Seriously)

This works fine (is visible) in CC, Frostbacks, Hinterlands, Skyhold, Val Royeaux.

“Elf Alienage Pajama Replacer” replaces Inquisitors pajamas, like the name says, but cause this outfit refuses to work properly in most exploration areas, I had to cut it away from many bundles: This means that in most exploration areas you are a floating head without your armor. So don’t take your armor off!!

Prepaire for out of Skyhold cutscenes where you need to be without armor, by equipping outer wear or formal wear (This means Cullen and Solas Crestwood scenes and Morrigan eluvian scene).

First kiss scene with Solas in dream Haven works fine with this outfit.

If this keeps crashing your game in some specific scene/place contact me and I will try to fix it.

My other mods: LINK