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Workaround for the ice armour glitch that causes it to get stuck on after combat ends.

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Ice Armour Bug Fix/Workaround

Anyone still here? :)

So that annoying bug with Ice Armour that leaves it stuck to your character until you re-enter combat or load a save, is caused by the upgrade to Ice Mine.  I've had no luck fixing it directly so your options for avoiding it are to never upgrade ice mine if you are using the winter tree,  (kind of rubbish if you're trying to build a fun frost mage), or use this mod.

What does it do?

Allows you to use ice armour for the 80% of the times it works and be able to ignore the times when it glitches out.

There are 2 daimods in the zip file. Install only ONE of them.

TMMIceArmourFixBlank - removes the initial animation for ice armour.  You will still see a small animation when it deactivates.  The armour buff will still get stuck randomly and show as a small buff only so you will still know it's active.  The sound effect is also removed.

TMMIceArmourFixTonic - replaces the ice armour animation with the cold resistance tonic animation which only lasts a second anyway and can't become stuck on.  Use this if you like some sort of visual cue that the armour is activating.

Install with Mod Manager. Can also be installed by Frosty directly I believe though I've not tried it.

Usual caveats apply.  Keep regular saves and just uninstall if you encounter any problems.

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