Dragon Age: Inquisition
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The respec amulet can now be used infinite times as it is no longer destroyed when equipped. Simply equip and unequip it whenever you want to restore all your ability points.

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This mod is outdated, use The Tactician's Renewal - Unlimited instead.


This mod changes the respec amulet, The Tactician's Renewal, so that it can be used infinite times (as it is no longer destroyed when equipped). Simply equip and unequip it whenever you want to restore all your ability points. On a new character, you'll no longer see two listings for the respec amulet at the store (infinite ones at 345 gold and a single one at 1 gold), now there will only be one listing at 345.

• Do remember to unequip the amulet after use, otherwise your abilities will keep getting reset.
• Description text within the game still says it's single-use.

1. Install using DAI Mod Manager (instructions available at its page).
2. There's no need to buy the amulet again if you already have one in your inventory, otherwise buy it from the usual store.
3. Enjoy.

If you encounter the "Unable to read beyond the end of the stream." error in DAI Mod Manager then try this fix.

1.02 (23/01/2015)
• Removed "Single Use" tag (check image).
1.01 (17/01/2015)
• Fixed typo in title and description within package.mft, filename, foldername, etc.
1.00 (17/01/2015)
• Initial release.

• Bioware.
• Ehamloptiran for the DAI Modding Tool and DAI Mod Manager.
• esCanor for his tutorial HEX editing in "EBX" files.