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Lets male Inquisitors romance Blackwall.

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I tried the other Bi-lackwall mod, but it no longer seems to work, so I figured I'd make my own version.

Allows Inquisitors of any gender to romance Blackwall.

Male Inquisitors only have a couple of lines voiced, so make sure to have subtitles on.
Animations won't match up, and Blackwall will call your Inquisitor "my lady" a lot.

This mod also removes the requirement that your Inquisitor be male to get relationship advice from Blackwall if you've flirted with Cassandra, so there's something for female Inquisitors, too, if you're romancing Cassandra.

Install using the DAI Mod Manager.
This mod has to be installed either before recruiting Blackwall or while you're still in Haven, since you need either the recruitment flirt or the Haven conversation flirt to initiate a romance with him, which happens in the first conversation you have with him at Skyhold.

To check if this mod is working, you should get this while recruiting Blackwall:

and this while talking to him at Haven:

Will conflict with mods that edit Blackwall's dialogue.

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