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Re-textures to Bride dress, Dalish scout and keeper armor. Mesh edits to Bride dress, outerwear and keeper armor. Added pregnancy Bride dress.

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~Armor and Dress Edits~

I wanted to share mods that I have done for my Inquisitors:

♣ There are 2 floral re-textures of Wedding dress, pink and blue. Re-textures work for all female inquisitors.

♣ Bride mesh edit that makes it look more elegant, also an alternative one that has a smaller waist and file for pregnant elf too.
There are dress edits included also for dwarf, human and qunari.

♣ Outerwear mesh edit that makes female elves hips slightly larger.

♣ Outerwear texture with lace parts.

♣ Outerwear EBX edit that changes outerwear arms to pajama arms. This is NOT a pajama replacer, but outerwear replacer.
Works with all the meshes and textures cause this is just ebx edit.

♣ Keeper armor mesh edit which removes shoulderpads and re-texture that is designed to fit it.
Retexture is almost all tintable. Elsa's keeper outfit looks the best if you pump the resolution in Cinematic Tools to 2x since it it 4K.

♣ Dalish scout armor re-textures with woollen scarves. Everything but the scarf and kneepads are tintable on this.

♣ Dalish scout autumn edition! Shoulder pads have leaves. WARNING: There is one floating small part in middle of leaves that I cannot get rid of.

♣ New pajama mesh for dwarf females.

The mesh edits work on ultra mesh settings only. I won't include frosty versions.

Other mods shown are:
SK wedding dress mesh
Settrah brows
Koric's lionsmaneIllias hair and shaved sides
tropelicious' kurbits vallaslins
elven tattoos
Ardent Blossom re-texture
Dalish Outerwear
Side swept hairLong bob
Winter palette tints
Hair re-texture
Melancholy - Solas outfit
Qunari brows
Ponytail with bangs
Wild Hair
Ra'lah Pajama's by PunyGoddess
Pajama textures for dwarves by jacknifelee
Ehlenna's hair by Kalaheria

Credits for lace pattern brushes to: Obsidian Dawn

My other mods:
Longer hair and darker brows for Leliana
Blackwall - The Cutie of North
Sera's Hair and Clothes
Just Sera
Sensual Josephine
Bad Boy Cullen
SOS Qunari Overhaul
Solas - The Ethereal Egg
Kitten's Inquisitor Complexions WIP

I will keep updating this mod bundle as long as I have stuff to release!