Dragon Age: Inquisition
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Makes the Haven store a little less useless and boring by adding in all herbs and crafting components. DLC compatible.

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Haven Crafting Supply v0.3


Small mod that changes Seggrit's store in Haven to sell all the vanilla crafting components and herbs.
Also changes buy/sell prices to sell with a discount of 10% and buy at 30% of item value instead of 15%. 

As of v0.2, mod supports DLC crafting items. DLC required, naturally.

As of v0.3, mod format changed to Frosty since DAIMM was abandoned. Frosty Mod Manager supports DAIMOD installation.

All items have a stock of 10,000. This is more than you will probably need and allows you to purchase multiple at a time as opposed to unlimited, which only allows you to purchase one at a time.

Future Plans
(should the populace demand it)

Add same items into Skyhold v0.3
Add DLC items into a separate file v0.2
Add all schematics to a shop.

Credits to Svarty and Wavebend for showing me the basics of modding. Very thankful to them.