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Adds the Duelist, Avvar and Saarebas ability trees from multiplayer into singleplayer. Also adds Isabela's multiplayer-only crossbow into singleplayer.

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Multiplayer Ability Trees in Singleplayer

This mod adds the Duelist, Avvar and Saarebas ability trees into singleplayer (No Zither! yet). This mod also adds an extra "General" ability tree (available to Inquisitors-only) which contains a Party Teleport ability, a Add 99 Ability Points ability and a secret ability for you to discover.

- The General/Exploration tree is only available to Inquisitors
- The Duelist ability tree is only available on the female Rogue Inquisitor and Cole
- The Avvar ability tree is available to all warriors
- The Saarebas ability tree is available to all mages
- The Female Rogue Inquisitor's appearance has been overriden with Isabela's.
- The Female Rogue Inquisitor and Cole now equip Isabela's Iconic Crossbow
- The Saarebas ability tree has been expanded to allow direct mapping of the opening, flow and finishing stances to the ability bar (for a total of 48 abilities)
- The Saarebas ability tree now has a hold-to-activate projectile bubble ability. Any projectile reflected increases the caster's health (sort of like Quen in Witcher 3).
- (1.2) Each stance of the Saarebas tree now costs mana to activate if mapped individually. Opening = 40 mana, Flow = 30 mana, Finisher = 50 mana. The original cycling ability does not cost any mana.

- This mod should be compatible with Descent, Hakkon and Trespasser DLCs. If there are any glitches/crashes please do report them as they shouldn't happen anymore.
- This mod is not compatible with my previous ability tree replacement mods.

- Install with Frosty Mod Managerand ensure the mod is applied with a checkbox (see uploaded picture)
- Warning: This mod won't work if you still have DAI Mod Manager mods applied (Patch_ModManagerMerge). You either need to remove those completely or do the DAIMM/Frosty workaround method, which involves 1. making a backup of your 'Patch' folder, 2. renaming 'Patch_ModManagerMerge' to 'Patch', 3. Installing the mod with FrostyMM as normal
- IF YOU GET THE ERROR : "There was an error when trying to load game using specified profile." you need to use Windows in English (thanks to user Aukinen : windows/start/settings/time and langauge/region and language/languages/add a language---> english. )

Known issues:
- Equipping a bow while Isabela's crossbow is equipped (Female rogue inq. or Cole) messes up everything. That's why I only left the Duelist tree on dual-wielded characters.
- When in Frostback Mountains / Haven (it's the same map), abilities won't play their animations if at all. As far as I can tell it's because of a streaming / mempool issue, because it does "happen" in other maps but quickly resolves itself within a couple of seconds.
- Hushes Whispers quest crashes the game

- The .fbproject is included in the downloads section in the .zip, which means you can open the project in Frosty Editor and make your own changes to this mod, improve the ability trees or add even more of them! If you ever have any interest in making a joint project please do contact me as working alone takes a lot of time and effort!

1.2 : Isabela's apperance shouldn't be overriden by character creation, changes to Saarebas abilities cost, Gaatlok blast opening now an impact detonator, fixed small glitch where learning Saarebas abillities would make mana drop to zero
1.1 : Fixed The Hinterlands infinite load, missing Asaara's Leap ability in Saarebas tree, Qunari female mage having wrong tree
1.0 : Initial release