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Switch the appearances of upto 10 armours. 103 options!

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Update [8/3/2018]: I noticed that ModManager was slow to start up when I had multiple copies of the mod in my mods folder. For this reason, I have uploaded a MULTI version of it. You can change upto ten armours with it. Just leave any excess armours with the same appearance they began with and the mod will skip them. The mod has the same issues as in the previous incarnation. If you happen have an idea as to why it doesn't work every time and would like to offer some information, I'd be grateful if you could put it in the posts or bugs tabs.

UPDATE [27/02/18]: The bugs affecting this mod should have been squished in the latest version. I've noticed at least one combination isn't right, but I'm running short of ideas as to WHY. I've replaced some of the assets and that fixed some of the issues. For most cases, however, I believe it should suffice in it's current state. I can only apologise that it isn't quite as good as I wanted it to be.
As ever, please report any bugs you find.

If you like it, you should put an Endorse on it.

A R M O U R   A P P E A R A N C E   S W I T C H E R

Switch the appearances of upto 10 armours. 103 options!

Some appearances might not be available without relevant DLC

(copy them with different names, it doesn't matter what, as long as they end with .daimod) 

You will also find EqT VOP (Vanilla One-Piece) in the files section. This will allow you to remove clipping hair and such from one armour. Again, copy it for each armour you are changing and you can change it's default settings in a similar way to "Svarty's AS One.daimod".

See below for how to change defaults.

swiper has now uploaded the multiplayer armour changes that allow you to use the ZITHER costume without lute as seen in the title image. You can find that here and it is fully compatible with this mod.

Download ModManager 
At the time of writing, Frosty doesn't support daimods. Note: Many people are reporting problems with the "DAI Tools Suite Loader", so use the direct link from:

How to use
In ModManager, click the mod's name, click configure, drag the bottom edge of the window down, configure, click save, merge.
If an appearance is changed to itself, then it won't be changed (the mod will literally skip doing the change routine), this makes more sense if you look at the menu in the MULTI version.

LIMITATIONS: This is a crude mod - you may very well get ear, hair, face, head clipping on multiplayer armours - many have hoods built into them and there's nothing that can be done about clipping in THIS mod - it doesn't affect the Equiptemplates. - I am looking into possibilities of a new mod to address appearances at a higher level.

This mod does not make appearances that do not exist exist. All appearances are from the original armours in the list, so this mod can't produce a Skywatcher appearance for female human, etc (Skywatcher is male human, so it will only appear when you are looking at a male human). All multiplayer armours are bound to race and gender.

Untested: Changing multiplayer armour has not been tested, I don't do multiplayer, but I noticed that Solas' armour has a single appearance that works in a similar way, so I wrote a special case for those. Hopefully it works.

Technical, for other modders: this copies ItemPartAppearance hashes to relevant locations in destination assets.

What does "write zeroes" do?
 (TL;DR if in doubt, just leave it blank)
If you select write zeroes and the armour isn't multiplayer or Solas, the armour will copy all the versions of itself that don't appear onto the destination armour - for example, Dwarf Legion has only two appearances, Dwarf Male and Dwarf Female - it doesn't show up on the other races because the values are zero for them. If you DON'T write zeroes when you copy it to another armour, it will only copy dwarf female and dwarf male appearances to the destination, because who wants armour that doesn't look like anything? People who write zeroes, that's who!

My beginner's guide to changing slots:
Learn more about Configurable mods here:

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I want to thank everybody involved with the Mod Manager and Mod Maker projects, especially Galaxy/Eham, Zhentar, Dawnless Sky, Chrono414,
Tirnoney, esCanor, Dheuster and VoidRealms for their tutorials, without which I couldn't have done any DAI modding.
Thanks to ethicalinfant, plus electricfish and munchyfly on Discord. drag6295 for belief that I could actually do something,
I also want to thank Nexusmods.
Even more thanks to people who have taken the trouble to report issues with the mods! It is only through your efforts that things get discovered and fixed.
I do not apologise for my crappy, inefficient scripts - the coding snobs can bite me!

Learn more about Configurable mods here:
My beginner's guide to changing slots:

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Manually Changing default values:
Get Notepad++ from here: (DO NOT USE NORMAL NOTEPAD, it will break the mod)
Open the daimod in Notepad++
Scroll down to this code...

ConfigElementsList.AddEnumElement( "SourceSkin_num", "Change this Armour : ",     typeof(DestinAppearance), 0);
The 0 at the end is the number of the appearance on the dropdown menu (starts at 0)  - below is the list..

Example, to make this mod default to change Medium Avvar to look like Templar, you would do this:

0    heavy_legion_d
1    heavy_dalish_e
2    heavy_adventurer_h
3    heavy_freearmy_h
4    heavy_orlesianarmy_h
5    heavy_templar_h
6    heavy_inquisition
7    heavy_start
8    heavy_warden
9    light_dalish_e
10  light_formal_wear
11  light_adventurer_h
12  light_freearmy_h
13  light_orlesianarmy_h
14  light_inquisition
15  light_start
16  light_warden
17  medium_carta_d
18  medium_dalish_e
19  medium_adventurer_h
20  medium_freearmy_h
21  medium_orlesianarmy_h
22  medium_inquisition
23  medium_start
24  medium_warden
26  dlc_avvar_medium_avvar
34  dlc_avvar_medium_barbarian
27  dlc_deluxe_heavy_dlc_dragon
28  dlc_deluxe_light_dragon
29  dlc_deluxe_medium_dragon
30  dlc_descent_heavy_revered_defender
31  dlc_descent_light_vestments_of_the_pure
32  dlc_descent_medium_stone_stalker
25  dlc_hakkon_heavy_dragon_hunter
33  dlc_hakkon_light__dragon_hunter
35  dlc_hakkon_medium_dragon_hunter
36  dlc_qunari_heavy_qunari
37  dlc_qunari_light_qunari
38  dlc_trespasser_heavy_arcanewarrior
39  dlc_trespasser_heavy_divine
40  dlc_trespasser_heavy_divine_light
41  dlc_trespasser_heavy_griffon
42  dlc_trespasser_heavy_legionnaire_d
43  dlc_trespasser_heavy_reaver
44  dlc_trespasser_light_alchemist
45  dlc_trespasser_light_griffon
46  dlc_trespasser_light_keeper
47  dlc_trespasser_medium_griffon
48  dlc_trespasser_the_skin_that_shields
49  dlc_trespasser_the_skin_that_stalks
50  dlc_trespasser_the_skin_that_strikes
51  solas_hooded_em
52  solas_hoodless_em
53  mp_alchemist_df
54  mp_alchemist_01_df
55  mp_alchemist_02_df
56  mp_arcanewarrior_em
57  mp_arcanewarrior_01_em
58  mp_arcanewarrior_02_em
59  mp_archer_hm
60  mp_archer_01_hm
61  mp_archer_02_hm
62  mp_assassin_hf
63  mp_assassin_01_hf
64  mp_assassin_02_hf
65  mp_bard_01_hm
66  mp_bard_02_hm
67  mp_bard_03_hm
68  mp_elementalist_hm
69  mp_elementalist_01_hm
70  mp_elementalist_02_hm
71  mp_hunter_hm
72  mp_hunter_01_hm
73  mp_hunter_02_hm
74  mp_isabela_01_hf
75  mp_isabela_02_hf
76  mp_isabela_03_hf
77  mp_katari_qm
78  mp_katari_01_qm
79  mp_katari_02_qm
80  mp_katari_alt_qm
81  mp_katari_a_qm
82  mp_keeper_ef
83  mp_keeper_01_ef
84  mp_keeper_02_ef
85  mp_legionnaire_dm
86  mp_legionnaire_01_dm
87  mp_legionnaire_02_dm
88  mp_necromancer_hf
89  mp_necromancer_01_hf
90  mp_necromancer_02_hf
91  mp_necromancer_alt_hf
92  mp_reaver_hf
93  mp_reaver_01_hf
94  mp_reaver_02_hf
95  mp_saarebas_01_qf
96  mp_saarebas_02_qf
97  mp_skirmisher_01_df
98  mp_skirmisher_02_df
99  mp_skywatcher_01_hm

You may wish to change the name of the file in the ModManager so that you can tell one armour from another. To do this head to the top of the daimod file in Notepad++

This is how to change a mod's name as it appears in ModManager. You MUST change it in both locations;
1. At the top it will say something like "DAIMODV2SOHNULNULNULSvarty's EqT VOPNUL... etc,
2. Being careful not to delete any of the NULs, select Svarty's EqT VOP and change it to what you want,
3. COPY what you have changed,
4. Go down two lines to  where it says <name>Svart's EqT VOP</name>
5. Select Svarty's EqT VOP and PASTE the copied text.

Remember to File > Save from the menu