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Now you can use any ability without equipping required weapons, such as launching explosive shot with double daggers.

Permissions and credits
  • Note that DAI Mod Manager mods and Frosty Mod Manager mods can work along at the same time. Check out the Installation Instructions below or my tutorial on YouTube.
  • This mod removes the requirements of all abilities so you can cast them with any weapon.
  • Supports both DAI Mod Manager and Frosty Mod Manager.
  • Uploaded edited EBX files for whoever's interested.
  • Uploaded Frosty Mod Project File for whoever's interested.
Installation Instructions
  • For DAI Mod Manager, load and merge the mod, then have fun!
  • For Frosty Mod Manager, make sure you've checked out instructions and troubleshooting descriptions from HERE.
  • This mod edits the following abilities to remove their weapon requirements:
             Archery: Explosive Shot, Full Draw, Leaping Shot, Long Shot;
            Artificer: Hail of Arrows;
            Double Daggers: Deathblow, Flank Attack, Parry, Spinning Blades, Twin Fangs;
            Two-Handed Weapon: Block and Slash, Earthshaking Strike, Mighty Blow, Pommel Strike, Whirlwind;
            Weapon and Shield: Lunge and Slash, Payback Strike, Shield Bash, Shield Wall.
  • Hail of Arrows won't have any effect when you cast it without Bianca or bows.
  • IMPORTANT! Any other mod that modifies the listed abilities above will conflict with this mod. Move this mod to the lowest place in your mod manager list to minimize the coverage.
  • By combining this mod with my other mod - All Ability Trees for Inquisitor or Companions - you can cast any ability with any weapon. Links are listed below.