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A custom male face texture with eyebrows. Sliders and save game included.

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NOTE RE: PATCH 3 - 20 Jan 15

To continue using mods after patching, you must remerge using the latest version of ModManager.

This is primarily a custom face texture that I use for my mage character Spike. I wanted to create a light blond character without having almost white eyebrows to match. This mod is what I'm working with for this particular character and while it's not perfect, I thought I'd share it as someone showed interest. I'll keep working on it if the mod gets any attention.

This texture was made for the 7th human male head shape and the eyebrows are a different shape on other head shapes and races although they can be "shaped" somewhat by changing the brow size and forehead setting. The eyebrows look darker in the CC and dimly lit interiors than in daylight.

This will replace the textures used in the 5th, 13th and 21st complexion for human males (hm_hed-inq...diff/norm/spec  textures) which I haven't noticed other characters using but I may well have missed it. If I have, you may see an NPC walking around with these eyebrows and their own on top of them. If you use this mod and notice a character using this texture, please let me know.

UPDATE - 13 Jan 15

3 new colours added to better match red/brown/blueblack hair colours. The difference is subtle (especially the brown) but it can be seen most when light shines directly on the brows. Whereas before they were greyish (which was fine for my needs) now they have a hint of colour. Check images for comparison.

Use only 1 colour patch at a time.


You must use DAI Mod Manager and merge all mods and the official patch to a single patch. Latest version and instructions available here.


  • Screenshots use HD Eye Textures by Zachilllios
  • the slider images for eye colour do not quite represent the color used in the in-game screenshots (the save file has the exact same colour as the in-game shots) because I changed them a little after I took the slider shots and forgot to retake them. Try saturating the colour more by moving the slider to the right (or just choose your own).

Stupid note:

  • This is not supposed to look like Spike (James Marsters) from Buffy but the hair did inspire the name.