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Ardent Blessing, Isabela's Admiral Hat, Helm of the Dragon Hunter and many more!
Change up to TWENTY hats to any of THIRTY SIX appearances! Change statistics to anything between 1 and 99 per slot.

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B   E   T   T   E   R       H   A   T   S       I I

This is the sequel to "Better Hats Plus The One Hat" - basically "the ONE hat" is now "the TWENTY hats"! It also provides even more hats to choose from.

Recommendation: Just use the v909 version and be careful what you select if you don't have Jaws of Hakkon because I'm not sure what happens if you pick an appearance that you don't own the DLC for.

Download ModManager
At the time of writing, Frosty doesn't support daimods. Note: Many people are reporting problems with the "DAI Tools Suite Loader", so use the direct link from:

How to use
In ModManager, click the mod's name, click configure, drag the bottom edge of the window down, configure, click save, merge.

  • v0.3 v909 ONLY: Added Isabela's Admiral Hat (only works on human females and Sera).
  • v0.2 Fixed a bug with Inquisitor Hat not appearing.

Change the appearance and stats of up to 20 hats!

You need Jaws Of Hakkon for Duke's Mane and Helm of the Dragon Hunter.

  • If you don't have JoH or Companion Hats for You, v909 should still support companion hats from the vanilla game (Cole's Hat, Dread, Hat of Majesty, Griffon Helmet) but NOT JoH ones. I am unable to test this. 
  • With the included patch it will support Isabela's Admiral Hat.
  • Supports JoH companion hats (Assassin Hat, Orlesian Henin, Knight Helmet). You need the All-in-One file from Companion Hats for You (mod 909 on the Nexus) by Hilliary
  • If the JoH hat appears on one character but not another, it is because Hilliary chose for it to be unavailable (likely because it looks bad). 

Known Issue:

Mod will cause lots of warnings in ModManager if used with Battlemage Cowl NoEars. Don't worry about this, it simply overwrites that mod's changes with the same data.

Recommended Mods:
This mod changes Masks:

Learn more about Configurable mods here:
My beginner's guide to changing slots:


I want to thank everybody involved with the Mod Manager and Mod Maker projects, especially Galaxy/Eham, Zhentar, Dawnless Sky, Chrono414,
Tirnoney, esCanor, Dheuster and VoidRealms for their tutorials, without which I couldn't have done any DAI modding.
Thanks to ethicalinfant for advice, plus electricfish and munchyfly on Discord. drag6295 for belief that I could actually do something,
I also want to thank Nexusmods.
Even more thanks to people who have taken the trouble to report issues with the mods! It is only through your efforts that things get discovered and fixed.

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Manually Changing default values:
Get Notepad++ from here: (DO NOT USE NORMAL NOTEPAD, it will break the mod)
Open the daimod in Notepad++
Scroll down (or Find) to this code...

ConfigElementsList.AddIntElement( "SOS", "Slot 1 Size", 5, 1, 99);
The numbers at the end of the line are what you are looking for (highlighted in bright green), here 5 is the default, 1 is min, 99 is max (any bigger and the game doesn't let you craft it)
ConfigElementsList.AddEnumElement( "STM", "Slot 2 Material",typeof(Material), 1);
Materials are 0=Cloth, 1=Leather, 2=Metal
ConfigElementsList.AddEnumElement( "STT", "Slot 2 Type ",typeof(Slottype), 0);
Slottypes are 0=Offense 1=Utility
ConfigElementsList.AddEnumElement( "Hat0", "Templar Helmet ",     typeof(Appearance), 0);
The 0 at the end is the number of the appearance on the dropdown menu (starts at 0) - USE THIS IF YOU WANT HATS OTHER THAN THE ORIGINALS.
Remember to File > Save from the menu

Why does v909 require Companion Hats For You?
On each companion hat, mod909 has a changed ItemPartAppearance which has the DelayLoadBundleHash of the relevant hat copied to each of the character slots it looks good on.
This makes it possible for each hat to be visible on those characters.

Mod909 also removes the RequirementFollower from the equiptemplate in order allow player to wear them, which is unnecessary for our purposes because Better Hats II makes that change, too.