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Aims to rid Inquisition of its lingering issues and bugs.

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The Frosty version seems to have issues right now. If you're using Frosty Mod Manager, use it to import the .DAIMOD file instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Message to players:

I have started tracking the "characters freeze during combat" bug, but I will need some assistance from players. I have created a forum post where you can report any encounters of this bug. Thanks.

Now, straight to the point:

Fixes that came with latest release have larger font size and are in bold.

Guide: The way I'm writing fixes is: pointing out what the bug is, and then adding "Fixed" at the end. For example: "Dragon Rage - Each strike drains 5% of maximum health (instead of 2% as described) - Fixed" means that the ability was draining more than it should have, and with the fix it is now properly working.


  • Orlesian Culture requisitions quest in Exalted Plains cannot be completed (also prevents you from obtaining other requisition quests in the zone). Fixed.

Combat Fixes

Damage Calculation
  • Damage over time effects, Flaming Array (and possibly other trap-type spells) would do only 1 damage, if the caster is flanking the target - Fixed.

Stat Changes

Maximum Mana
  • Changed to 500 (from 200), as the game clearly allows characters to have more.

Maximum Stamina
  • Changed to 500 (from 200), as the game clearly allows characters to have more.

Ability Fixes

Guardian Spirit / Simulacrum
  • Both trigger at the same time, essentially providing a Simulacrum with Barrier (which is useless). This is a design oversight, not a bug. However, due to complaints (from myself included), I changed the mechanics a bit: Guardian Spirit takes priority if off cooldown. Once Guardian Spirit is triggered, the character will have to take another fatal blow, in order to trigger Simulacrum.

  • Fixed a bug where this passive could make you unkillable, BEFORE it is triggered.

Shield Wall

  • Players are unable to deactivate Shield Wall in tactical view if the warrior has less than 35 stamina - Fixed.

Chevalier's Step (Shield Wall upgrade)
  • The armor buff icon shows on all party members, even if they do not receive the armor bonus - Fixed.
  • Allies must be standing behind the warrior (in a 140 degree arc), to receive the armor bonus. I assume this is how the ability is intended to work, but was not mentioned in the description. Left alone and noted in DAI Fandom Wiki.

Call To Arms (War Cry upgrade)
  • The armor buff stacks, instead of overwriting itself, making it possible to reach armor rating of 'over 9,000' (literally) if you spam the ability out of combat - Fixed.

Block and Slash
  • Upkeep is 4% of max stamina per second, instead of flat 5 (as described) - Fixed. Now drains 5 stamina per second.
  • Successfully blocking an attack costs 20 stamina (or more for stronger creatures). Not listed in description. Guessing it's intended, so will be left alone. Also noted in DAI Fandom Wiki.

Shattered Ground (Earthshaking Strike upgrade)
  • The burning status keeps reapplying itself somehow, reaching duration of over 25 seconds (should be 8) - Fixed.
  • The erupted flames last 11 seconds (instead of 8, as described) - Fixed.
  • Fire effects disappear if the character dies - Fixed.

Charging Bull
  • Upkeep is 15 stamina per second, instead of 5 (as described) - Fixed.

Dragon Rage
  • Each strike drains 5% of maximum health (instead of 2% as described) - Fixed.

  • If the ability kills the enemy, its cooldown is reset, even if Thrill of Victory is not unlocked - Fixed.

Ripping Fangs (Twin Fangs upgrade)
  • Sundered is applied even when not flanking - Fixed.

Stunning Shot (Full Draw upgrade)
  • Sleep lasts for 30 seconds, instead of 20 (as described) - Fixed.

Leaping Shot
  • Fires 13 projectiles, instead of 12 (as described). Fixed.

Set Them Up
  • Does not grant damage bonus to Caltrops. Unsure if this is a bug or intentional, but it makes sense to me that it should - Fixed.
  • Grants 35% damage bonus to Spike Trap, instead of 25% - Fixed.

  • The duration of the boost after coming out of Stealth is 3 seconds, instead of 6 (as described) - Fixed.
  • The boost is not applied during Stealth - Fixed.

Deep Sleep (Knockout Powder upgrade)
  • The bonus which prevents targets from instantly waking up is applied only to the rogue who has this ability - Fixed.
  • Attacks from the rogue will also not break sleep applied by other abilities and party members - Fixed.

Comatose (Knockout Bomb upgrade)
  • Does not grant 75% flanking bonus (upgrade does nothing) - Fixed.

Transmute Magic (Dispel upgrade)
  • Does not grant the bonus when dispelling allies or glyphs - Fixed.

Energy Storm (Energy Barrage upgrade)
  • Does not grant any damage bonus (should give 100%, upgrade does nothing) - Fixed.

Lightning Bolt
  • Does not increase paralyze duration for additional enemies - Fixed.

Exploding Bolt (Lightning Bolt upgrade)
  • Increases damage by 200% but stops there. Does not grant extra bonus for additional enemies - Fixed.
  • Does not apply knockback on nearby enemies - Fixed.

Tethering Cage (Static Cage upgrade)
  • Deals 100% weapon damage per second, instead of 50% (as described). Fixed.

Static Charge
  • Doesn't do any damage. Fixed. However, damage dealt cannot be displayed by floating text.
  • Causes Paralyzed, instead of Shocked. Fixed.
  • Duration of Shocked is 2 seconds, not 6 seconds as described. Fixed.

Chaotic Focus
  • Doesn't work with Flaming Array. Fixed.

Frost Step (Fade Step upgrade)
  • Deals 400% weapon damage, instead of 300% (as described). Fixed.

More fixes will come over time.


Follow the steps provided in this tutorial: https://daimodder.tumblr.com/post/123864968464/dai-mod-manager-tutorial

Helping out

If you, like me, love this game and want to see more of its bugs and issues gone, you can help out (and be credited, of course) by reporting bugs, or helping with fixes. If you want to help out, reach me on PM, or post here. Cheers.

Compatibility with other mods

When merging mods with Mod Manager, make sure Bugs Be Gone loads before everything else. This will make sure that changes made by other mods will be prioritized in the game. In case of problems, contact me and we will figure it out. Note that if for example you install a mod that changes one of the abilities listed above, and you load that mod after Bugs Be Gone, although the other mods functionality will work in the game, the fix for that particular ability will not work (in some cases).

To fellow mod creators: If your mod conflicts with Bugs Be Gone and you wish to provide a patch, contact me and I will provide you with anything you need.


  • Jennica - Building the FrostyTools version.
  • andromeda087 - Reporting the DoT/flanking issue and the Guardian Spirit/Simulacrum problem.
  • Wavebend - Providing invaluable information, which will help fix more bugs and increase the overall speed of the process. Thanks buddy!
  • ArchangelEST - Reporting the max mana/stamina issue.
  • krasnal47 - Reporting bugs related to Lightning Bolt and its upgrade Exploding Bolt.
  • svartalfimposter, electricfish, ViktoriaLanders - Providing a fix for Orlesian Culture requisitions quest.
  • Grundlage - Reporting Chaotic Focus/Flaming Array bug.
  • alexul2009 - Reporting mod bugs.


Version 0.7 (Latest)
  • Orlesian Culture fix.
  • Tethering Cage fix.
  • Static Charge fixes.
  • Chaotic Focus fix.
  • Frost Step fix.

Version 0.6
  • Comatose fix.
  • Transmute Magic fix.
  • Energy Storm fix.
  • Lightning Bolt fix.
  • Exploding Bolt fix.
  • Max Mana/Stamina adjustments.

Version 0.5
  • Call To Arms fix.
  • Stunning Shot fix.
  • Leaping Shot fix.
  • Set Them Up fix.
  • Ambush fix.
  • Deep Sleep fix.

Version 0.4
  • Deathblow fix.
  • Ripping Fangs fix.
  • Guardian Spirit/Simulacrum fix.
  • Simulacrum immunity fix.
  • Shattered Ground flame fixes.

Version 0.3
  • Charging Bull fix.
  • Dragon Rage fix.
  • DoT vs Flanking bug fix.

Version 0.2
  • Shield Wall fix.
  • Chevalier's Step fix.
  • Block and Slash fix.
  • Shattered Ground fix.