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Added to loot in the prologue and Haven: OP armor and weapons, T1 crafting materials, and all T1 schematics. Plus modder's resource: excel sheets with EBX and GUIDs for all crafting materials and a few other things.

Permissions and credits
I've taken over all controllable loot sets in the Prologue and Haven. For exact data of what each contains please see the New Lootboxes excel sheet in Optional Files, but here's a brief overview:

Lootbox contents
  • T3/4 armor, weapons and jewelry, some from Trespasser, others from the base game. Meant to let you sleep through the Prologue combat and take pretty screenshots. Armors include 2 each of generic Battlemaster/Battlemage/Prowler armors, and a selection of class/race specific armors.
  • 1 Amulet of Power for the Inquisitor and each companion, plus 4 respec amulets.
  • 99 of all T1 crafting materials.
  • All rare herbs needed to level up all potions, plus one extra Felandaris for the Letter From a Lover quest in the Hinterlands.
  • All T1 schematics.
Lootbox locations
  • Up the hill after the "drop your weapons" confrontation with Cassandra
  • Behind meeting with Solas & Varric
  • Down the hill from meeting, by iron node
  • House to the right of valley
  • House middle of valley
  • By 3 demons and dead templar way left in valley
  • In front of Roderick & Leliana
  • By wounded soldiers OR by torch in tunnel (depending on Charge/Hidden Path choice)
  • Right in front of you after last cutscene with Cullen OR on the spot where you close the Rift on top of the mountain (depending on Charge/Hidden Path choice)
  • Dead Templar right before entering the Temple
  • Right in front of where you first wake up in Haven, OR behind first  locked door underneath Haven Chantry (these share one loot table)
  • Behind locked door underneath Haven Chantry, way in the back left side of the cells (I recommend getting MxT's ExploreAbilities mod if you don't have it already, so you can unlock the door regardless of class, or you can ask Sera to unlock the doors for you.)
  • The two boxes by the blacksmith in Haven.

This is NOT compatible with any other mod that alters Prologue or Haven loot!!

Can you add <item> to <place>?
I could but I don't want to. But YOU can do it! With the files and tutorial here. Give it about an hour and you can modify any store or lootbox to sell/drop exactly what you want it to.