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Design your own hat!
Also boosts 27 vanilla (i.e. not DLC) Hat recipes.

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B   E   T   T   E   R       H   A   T      R   E   C   I   P   E   S


T      E        O      E       H   A   T

NEW(er)! BETTER HATII is now available here:

This replaces the number of slots on 27 vanilla hat recipes with 5 Armour slots and 12 Secondary slots, just like the Descent DLC hats.

Download ModManager 

At the time of writing, Frosty doesn't support daimods. Note: Many people are reporting problems with the "DAI Tools Suite Loader", so use the direct link from:

How to use
In ModManager, click the mod's name, click configure, drag the bottom edge of the window down, configure, click save, merge.


Customise your own hat using the Configure button on ModManager.
I don't condone the use of this mod to create hugely overpowered hats with 99 material per slot.*

Version Update
Renamed from The One Hat to Dwarven Helmet :( This fixes the issue with names.
Now features four masks and the gladiator helmet that you can't normally craft!

*but you could. Just saying.

The script for this mod is available here
If you want to know more about modding, I put a tutorial here


I want to thank everybody involved with the Mod Manager and Mod Maker projects, especially Galaxy/Eham, Zhentar, Dawnless Sky, Chrono414,
Tirnoney, esCanor, Dheuster and VoidRealms for their tutorials, without which I couldn't have done any DAI modding.
Thanks to ethicalinfant for advice, plus electricfish and munchyfly on Discord. drag6295 for belief that I could actually do something,
I also want to thank Nexusmods.
Even more thanks to people who have taken the trouble to report issues with the mods! It is only through your efforts that things get discovered and fixed.

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