Dragon Age: Inquisition
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Retextures and replacements of armor, pajama and formal attire with the Dread Wolf mosaic for male elves.

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This mod was born because I love Solas, and I wanted to honor him by stamping his mosaic everywhere. Also the qunari in Trespasser might have contributed to the idea(if you know what I mean). So if you love him this mod may be for you.
This is the first part of 3 collections of mods.
Next is clothing for female elves. Then the last part will be other elements of the Inquisition. I still might edit or add more to this one as inspiration hits.

The wolf head is straight from the mosaic(with some needed changes in some pieces) and the designs around the armors are inspired by the murals in Trespasser.


Dread Wolf Fashion Collection - Male Elves

- Dread Wolf Pajama: retexture of the starting pajama. I thought we were lacking clothes for men with more skin, so I made this, and then I decided that it would be nice to have the mosaic on it, then the collection grew from there. The skin is for slider #3. This is better used with the mesh edit that removes the laces and chain of the pants and boots and some bumps, but remember that if you choose to use an armor upgrade for the legs, those details will be back, so I don't recommend.

- Dread Wolf Armor: retexture of all "Armor" variants. Male and female, every race and class.

- Dread Wolf Robe: retexture of Keeper Robe/Robes of the High Keeper. And the Keeper will be honoring the Dread Wolf, how lovely! The skin is for slider #3 and looks good on Solas.

- Dread Wolf Formal: retexture of Formal Attire. It is NOT compatible with Trespasser, it will freeze when you load it.

- Dread Wolf Robe Formal: replaces all the Formal Attire for the Inquisitor(forced and equipable, including the one in Skyhold) with the retextured version of the Keeper Robe. Works with Trespasser(including initial cutscene). Note: it doesn't include the Formal Attire for the others in Halamshiral, if you want to change their clothes get the Dread Wolf Formal too, it won't freeze Trespasser as long as the replacer is installed as well but it won't affect the advisors or the final cutscenes in Trespasser(if you've played it you know what I mean).

- Dread Wolf Robe Forced Formal: replaces the Formal Attire that is forced on the Inquisitor with the retextured version of the Keeper Robe, like the one you walk around in the ballroom in Halamshiral and the one in Trespasser(except the last cutscenes). It works on the Formal Attire from the Wardrobe in Trespasser but NOT in Skyhold. Doesn't affect the equipable ones.

- Dark Purple Coat: made only so I could use the T1 arm upgrade for the look I was building. Male and female, every race and class.

- Armor Swap EM: changes all appearances of the light Armor variants to the T2 rogue because it has shiny shoulders that match the look better and so they use the lockpicks instead of that huge book. For male elves only.
If I can figure out how, I'll also change the appearance of the medium and heavy variants so it won't have to be a look exclusive to the light armors. But so far I could only get changes in a few arms and legs, don't know why the others didn't change, so if you want the full look I built you would have to use the light armor, using the fade-touched Dales Loden Wool to remove class restriction if you're not playing a mage, I don't know if a mod to remove class restriction would work with this swap, I haven't tested, if it doesn't you would have to bear with the book.

- Dread Wolf Quiver: retexture of the quivers in game, which will make every archer everywhere honor the Dread Wolf! There is a purple feather version and a black one.

Highly recommended Mods:

Invisible Starting Armor - so you can see the pajama instead of that ugly armor.

Recommended Mods:

All Crafting Materials Elevated Stats - because in order to keep the look I can't use high level arm upgrades, or any leg upgrades.
God Mode Fade Touched - No mana cost - but the one to be used is the God Mode Quillback, so the health is increased to 150527 and there is no need to worry about dying. Health potions won't be useful at all.
Eggs Without Hats - because Solas must look good and that hat is hideous.

My other mod:

Facial Veins Complexion for Male Elves

Special thanks to:

ethicalinfant for all the help, moral support, opinions and ideas. And of course, for making the pants' edit for me!
LadyGoDieVa for helping me with the skin tone