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Adds one or two unique passive abilities for each companion.

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 Each companion gets one or two passive abilities unique to them (well, the passives themselves are sourced either from class passives or item passives).

 Install using DAI mod manager. No conflicts that I'm aware of. A known issue is that when you merge, you'll get a merge error message for da3/party/general/passive/party_general_dorian_passive_abilitydata. The mod still works, including Dorian's passive; I have no idea why the error comes up.

 List of passives:

  • Blackwall: Chance to sing a defensive party buff on hit
  • Cassandra: Immunity to Fear and Sleep
  • Cole: Movement speed increase on Stealth, and The Last Sacrifice (heals all party members when falling unconscious)
  • Dorian: Rampage (stacking bonus to attack speed and damage on kill)
  • Iron Bull: Mercy Killing (auto crit on Panicked or Asleep targets), and Death Siphon (gain stamina and health when enemies die nearby)
  • Sera: Chance to drop Elemental Mines near target
  • Solas: Spirit Resistance and immunity to Weakened
  • Varric: Chance to sing offensive party buff on hit
  • Vivienne: Chance to taunt enemies on hit
  • All mages: Immunity to Fear and Sleep (doesn't work for a mage Inquisitor, still figuring this one out)