Dragon Age: Inquisition
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A dreadlock style & texture for em. Replaces the bun/p mesh.

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EDIT: I'm never going to manage to convert this, so it's a modder's resource now. If anyone else wants to try their hand at porting this to other races, genders, etc, go ahead, just credit me for the original please.

EDIT: Both the style and the texture are Trespasser compatible!


Noticed there's a glaring lack of hairstyles for black inquisitors, and since tight curls are difficult, here is a dreadlock hairstyle resembling concept solas's! Currently for em only. The mod includes the style itself, and then the dreadlock hair texture, which you can use or leave.
In my opinion it looks better and more like actual locs with the texture, but note that the texture will affect most/all hairs in the game, not just this one. The textured version will also therefore be incompatible with other mods that alter hair diffuse, such as skara's realistic/smooth hair retex. So only install the texture if you don't mind 60% of npcs also having a hair texture resembling locs.

If you want to use the texture on dreadlock hairstlye mods you've made yourself, you're welcome to, just credit me for the retex/link back to here.

Replaces bun mesh, install with DAI modmanager, ultra mesh settings only. enjoy!