Dragon Age: Inquisition
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This is a very simple mod that does one thing. It merely removes the shine from Cullen's face.

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After searching and searching, I could not find a mod that simply de-shined Cullen without altering his actual physical appearance. I had hoped to find such a file in Ascendia's NPC Subtle Tweaks, but to no avail; unfortunately, you either get it with the included re-tex or not at all.

So, I decided to pull my own custom specular map from my previous Cullen face texture mods and put it up for download on its own. The texture file altered is hm_hed_cul_s.dds. That's it.

It is a seemingly insignificant little alteration, but it is designed to be very flexible for you, the user.

1) You can use it with vanilla Cullen, if all you want to do is remove the shine.

2) You can use it with modded Cullen if you are dissatisfied with the level of shine provided in the mod you prefer (or if the mod in question leaves the specular map unaltered from vanilla). Just be sure to load it AFTER the texture mod of choice in the Mod Manager. If it doesn't overwrite anything, then the mod left the spec map vanilla.

In both cases, the skin will be completely "dry." No shine anywhere. My de-shine is a rather drastic one, as I find any shine at all quite distracting.

***Do note that a side-effect of this is that his skin will be slightly lighter-looking; this happens with any de-shine mod for any character. It's not an actual alteration to the skin color, it merely prevents the face texture from reacting with the light around it, which affects the way it appears.

**Please feel free to upload your screenies! They make me happy! :D Auto-accept is enabled. ***

Install using DAI Mod Manager.

~ Won't work with Trespasser DLC.

Please do not redistribute to any other site, regardless of whether or not you can contact me. If, however, you wish to use this file as a modder's resource, you are more than welcome. Simply credit me for the original file on your own mod page.

*** If you wish to convert my mods to Frosty, please send me a message so we can discuss
it! I do not allow conversion unless you talk to me first!  ***

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