Dragon Age: Inquisition
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Removes the ruddy veins on some skin complexions.

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-- Update, March 28, 2018 --
Added Frosty version of all options.

-- Description --

My favorite skin complexion (for men) is the very first, but the ruddy veins have always bothered me. I discovered that these were not painted directly on the skin diffuse, but added via tint map. For this edit, I removed them from the tint map, so the associated skin complexion is clear.

Works for male and female.

In the game files, there are separate tints for qunari and non-qunari. The qunari get their own unique tint map, while all of the other non-qunari races share a single tint map. Because of this, I am providing three versions.

1 All races - has both tint map edits.
2 Non-Qunari Only - has just the one for humans, elves, and dwarves.
3 Qunari Only - has just the qunari tint map.

-- Notes --
One important thing to note is that any NPCs that have this will also be clear.

Does NOT change freckles or any other skin blemishes.

-- Installation --
This is in .daimod format. Requires DAI Patch 11+. Extract the .daimod to your mod directory, merge, and enjoy.

-- Uninstallation --
Delete the .daimod from your mod directory, and use the Mod Manager to merge again.