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Take all your friends to Halamshiral, and other related mods

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New! Dance With Vivienne
Replace Grand Duchess Florianne with Vivienne so your Inquisitor can have a dance. Found under Optional Files.

This started out as a mod request on the forums and once I started working on it I promptly got carried away. A semi-random assortment of mods affecting Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.

Party at the Winter Palace

What it does:
  • Every recruited party member will be present at the Winter Palace
  • Does not affect your active party for combat sections
  • Red Jenny caches will spawn if Sera is recruited, even if she's not in your active party, and she still gains approval
  • Your love interest will still come talk with you after the ball, even if they're not in your active party

Corrected Issues:
  • UPDATE v1.1 All party member locations are now marked on the map

Known issues:
  • If you recruit an optional party member (i.e. not the starting party) and then ditch them later, they will still appear in Halamshiral as if nothing has happened. For immersion I recommend either 1) don't recruit party members you don't intend to keep or 2) wait until after WEWH to kick them out. This has been fixed in UPDATE v1.2 but that is only available in Frosty format.
  • The above does not apply to the final scene with your love interest, however, so don't expect any touching reunions if you hit it and then quit it.
  • This should be installed before entering the ballroom for the first time or it will not work as expected.

Files modified:
  • hal_npc_party_spawn_logic
  • check_hal_blackwall_noble_present
  • zon_0100_bflastdance_streaming_schematic
  • UPDATE v1.1 ham_winter_palace_floor_0
  • UPDATE v1.1 ham_winter_palace_floor_1
  • UPDATE v1.1 ham_winter_palace_floor_2

PatWP Extended Introductions

What it does:
  • An addition to PatWP, every recruited party member will be announced at the ball. It can take a while
  • Only party members in your active party will interject with their own comments (this applies to Viv/Sera/Varric)
  • Apparently that weird pause in the middle of Varric's introduction is supposed to contain applause, but as that never played for me once, I've removed it. If you are a fan of awkward pauses I've added some fun new ones, though! See below.

Known issues:
  • Same as above, kicked out party members are still treated as being present.
  • Cassandra "Get On With It" Pentaghast and Sera's audio will be replaced with a silent pause if they are not in your active party, as otherwise I don't think they are loaded in that scene. I assume the announcer has to pause for breath and take a moment to process what he just said out loud, respectively, but your mileage may vary.

Files modified:
  • ham_empress_intro_m

Ambient Tweaks

A small collection of files tweaking ambient dialogue. If you want more ambients gone forever I recommend tirnoney's Irritating Dialogue Removal

Nickname Roulette:
  • Turns out Varric actually did give the Inquisitor a nickname, but I don't think the lines ever play normally. It looks like they may have at one point intended to track the Inquisitor's disposition like they did Hawke's but that didn't happen -- but this is pure speculation.
  • If Varric is in your active party while you're snooping around the royal wing, he will now randomly bestow on your Inquisitor one of two nicknames. No take-backs. (jk nobody's stopping you from reloading over and over again)
  • File modified: ham_party_banter_i

[STFU] Eavesdropping:
  • The Inquisitor will no longer comment every single time they walk past an eavesdropping sidequest area for the love of all that is good and holy
  • File modified: hal_eavesdrop_generic_i

[STFU] Cullen's entourage:
  • For those who don't find grabbing people without consent to be fun jokes, a few lines removed
  • File modified: ham_cullen_admirers_a


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