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romance Cassandra with a female inquisitor

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With all due respect to the Original Bi Cassandra Mod, it's been quite a while without an update. I dove into the game files for myself when I noticed a missing flirt in my most recent playthrough and I've rebuilt the mod from scratch myself so I can track all changes made and properly support it. This has been rebuilt with the latest patch and is more thorough at enabling all content. It is a bi Cassandra mod. Male inquisitors can benefit from the changes as much as female inquisitors without losing access to content.

Update v1.3!

As the method used to reroute Cassandra's romance begin cutscene was failing for some characters, most files have had more aggressive fixes applied to ensure the mod now works for everyone.

Update v1.2

The previously optional file restoring a flirt to Guilty Pleasures has been folded into the main release (turns out that quest is a prerequisite for starting her romance in the first place so it's actually cut content). In addition a flirt has been restored for female inquisitors who talk to Cassandra at Halamshiral, and small changes have been made to Cassandra's conversation hub, changing the "Let's spend time together" wheel icon to a heart and enabling her jealousy talk for female inquisitors. (Scroll down for a note about hub compatibility.)

Bi Cassandra Redux

What it does:

  • Several flirt lines have had their requirements altered so they can be taken by any inquisitor.
  • (v1.1) A previously inaccessible branch of dialogue has been restored to Guilty Pleasures and can be taken by any inquisitor who has previously flirted with her
  • The big one - the dialogue branch in which Cassandra formally turns down a female Inquisitor has been altered not to play, so all characters will instead get the dialogue that leads to initiating her romance. 

What it does not do:
  • None of Cassandra's dialogue itself has been altered. She will misgender your inquisitor. I have no plans to change this.
  • None of the Inquisitor's dialogue itself has been altered. Some lines will be unvoiced. Make sure you have subtitles on.
  • The kissing animations just aren't going to line up, sorry.

Files modified:
  • in2_cassandra_argument_d
  • in2_cassandra_friendly_d
  • (v1.1) in2_cassandra_gift_d
  • (v1.2) in2_cassandra_hub_i
  • in2_cassandra_romance_begin_d
  • in2_cassandra_plot_wrapup_d
  • (v1.2) ham_cassandra_ballroom_i

Mod conflicts:
  • Edits made to Cassandra's conversation hub will conflict with Multiple Romance Mod. Merge that mod after this if you want to bypass the jealousy talk before Cassandra's romance will trigger. Note that the cutscene starting her romance still won't trigger if it detects you're in a relationship with another character. Players using MRM who cannot start Cassandra's romance should be seeking support from fellow MRM users, not here.



  • A new game is not required.
  • The latest point at which the mod can be installed and still work is right before the cutscene in which Cassandra either initiates the romance (starting The Ideal Romance) or turns you down. Missing any of the newly added dialogue does not affect your ability to romance her.

Confirming installation
  • The mod cannot be confirmed to be working until after arriving at Skyhold, as no changes have been made at Haven.
  • The earliest consistent point (not based on Cassandra's approval) at which you can confirm the mod is working is after arriving at Skyhold, talking to Varric and Hawke, and then talking to Cassandra to trigger their argument. There is a new flirt on the dialogue wheel ("I still like you"), and Cassandra ends the conversation differently if her approval is high ("I don't know how it will end, but I would have it no other way.")

Romance Prerequisite: Promise of Destruction
  • The flirt ("You can do anything") in the cutscene following Promise of Destruction, Cassandra's personal quest, was already available for both genders but wouldn't appear on the dialogue wheel if her approval wasn't high. For consistency and clarity that requirement has been removed so it is always available.

Romance Prerequisite: Guilty Pleasures
  • Raising Cassandra's approval to warm will unlock the quest Guilty Pleasures. Although there is no way to start Cassandra's romance without first completing this quest, there was a flirt ("Anything for you") that was supposed to be available to inquisitors in a romance. It is now available to inquisitors of either gender who have flirted with her previously (and it's a cute exchange).

The Ideal Romance
  • Once Promise of Destruction and Guilty Pleasures have been completed, if no other characters are romanced then Cassandra's romance cutscene should trigger automatically when you talk to her. This also triggers for female inquisitors in an unmodded game, but resulted in her turning the inquisitor down. That cutscene has been altered so female characters also get the chance to start her romance.

Everything Else

  • A flirt ("You guide me") has been enabled for female inquisitors in her friendship conversation in the war room
  • A flirt ("Care to dance?") has been enabled for female inquisitors in the Winter Palace ballroom - note this is different from asking her to dance on the balcony, although that also works as long as you've completed The Ideal Romance and officially locked in her romance.
  • Cassandra's jealousy dialogue, if attempting to romance her after romancing another character, has been enabled for female inquisitors, and the "Let's spend time together" wheel option now correctly uses the romance icon.
  • Should work fine in Trespasser.