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Expands the Inquisitor tree with powerful class-themed abilities.

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Anchor Discharge only works after reaching Trespasser. It does not work in the vanilla game, so you can avoid putting a point in it until then. 


This mod expands the Inquisitor tree with powerful class-themed abilities. It likely requires all main dlc's.

Some abilities only work with certain weapon types, and some do not stack. For instance, arrow abilities such as Multishot and Exploding Arrows are clearly for bows only. Multishot's effect does not stack with Exploding Arrows or Lightning Arrows. Piercing shot, however, DOES stack with the latter two. For Warriors, Yolo Leap and Whirlwind only work with 2h weapons. You'll also notice that warriors have two "Prismatic Hit" abilities. They work exactly the same way, but one gives your weapon a glowing sword effect, and the other gives it a glowing axe effect. Simply choose the one you prefer.

Playing the game on the hardest difficulty with Trials enabled is highly recommended. The trees have been unlocked like my No Ability Requirements mod, meaning you can pick any abilities right away, without worrying about prerequisites.


Q: Why is the text so small?

A: In a nutshell, it's due to a one-line limitation for item passive descriptions. 

9/11/2016 - Initial release. (1.0)