Morrigan Sparkling Eyeshadow Fix by DarthParametric
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Added: 03/01/2015 - 07:26PM
Updated: 15/05/2015 - 04:51PM

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Last updated at 16:51, 15 May 2015 Uploaded at 19:26, 3 Jan 2015

In another example of questionable art direction, Bioware decided to add some streak highlights to the specular map under Morrigan's eyebrows. I gather the intent was to make her eyeshadow appear like glitter makeup or something, but the way it reacts with the in-game lighting looks terrible. It's one of those incredibly distracting things that once you have seen it, you cannot stop seeing it every time. After being annoyed by it in two previous playthroughs, I decided to get rid of it. The fix is fairly simple, just a minor edit of the specular map to paint out the offending highlights. The diffuse and normal maps are left untouched.

Download the latest version of the Inquisition Mod Manager here - http://www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/116/ - and follow the instructions.

Now provided in the DAIMOD format for more recent patches.

Thanks to Ehamloptiran, WarrantyVoider, wogoodes, and Renmiri of the DAI Tools team for their (ongoing) work deciphering the game files and creating tools that make mods like this possible.