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Banter now activates consistently and more frequently.

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This mod guarantees that you hear banter about every 15 minutes. By default, the game has some sort of counter running in the background that activates somewhere between 10 - 20 minutes. When this happens, the game will either play banter (if available) or do nothing. By telling the game to ignore the random 'yes or no' chance of the counter, the mod forces banter to play no matter what (unless you're in a loading screen, in which case the banter should play afterward). 


Q: Can you make the banter activate more often?
A: Not that I'm aware of. I've spent many long hours searching for this option, but have found nothing. The best I could do is make it so banter is guaranteed to activate. 15-minute banter intervals should be pretty good, though, since companions will eventually run out of things to say. Having them say something every minute would leave you with repeated banter, or nothing but silence.

Q: How the heck did you make this?

A: I just kept bashing my keyboard until something happened.

8/29/2016 - Initial release. (1.0)