Dragon Age: Inquisition
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The title pretty much says it.

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Due to life happening for years now, I never actually got around to updating or making more stuff for this mod (Though I would've liked to!) But I don't see any update any time soon, so this mod should be considered finished.

If anyone ever wants to work based on this, feel free too do so. You've my permission to do with this beards/files/whatever as your heart desires. Just be cool and credit me for the original work if you do :0 (Or let me know cause I really like new beards in this game.)

Have you ever noticed how some beards are ridiculous or repetitive in game? Do you ever feel like Josephine and Dorian would harass your quizzy until he took care of his beard? (Or criticize his horrible taste in beards.)

Well, I bring you the solution. Mods. I've trimmed and redesigned some of the beards in game ((Hopefully more will come!))

Please note that this was made for personal use and it was made to my liking and I'm a first time modder, if you don't like simply ignore this mod and go about your business.
So far it only works for Human Males. I will take any requests and fulfill as best I can.
Use Ultra Mesh else it won't show up.

((I do not recomend using CptPrice since it looks odd unless it's the ultra fuzzy version.))

Drop into your mods folder
Run DAI Mod Manager

Delete from Mods folder
Run Mod Manager
Don't enjoy

Issues: None so far. Works with BE and the other DLC.((Please notify  if it crashes anything.)) It'll notwork with any mod that changes the beards.

So that's that, I hope you enjoy this mod. Endorse if you want, and if you wish to modify the mods and/or make them better go ahead just give me credit  for the original work :)

Oh and to the other mods you might see (or not) in the pics
Eyebrow 4 Men: http://www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/584/? 
New and Improved makeup for all: http://www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/449/?
Sk Hair Retexture: http://www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/704/? (REQUIRED FOR BEARDS TO LOOK AS IN THE IMAGES)

Version V1.5

Added 2 new beards for human males. 
Added a separate file for Qunari Males Only. The changes are small, just trims and clipping issues that got fixed. Okay, major clipping issues on the chin/upper lips that are gone. 

Use on Ultra mesh only. 

I will upload the two remaining Qunari beard changes soon, had a little problem importing to Manager. 
More Human Beards in process as well, considering doing dwarf beards.

Added the two missing beards for Qunari, simple changes to the stache and goatee, less clipping issues for those two as well.
More human beards added, trimmed, clipping issues fixed and they have little 'spikes' in order to make them look different from the basic trimmed ones from V1.0
Added an optional file, it's a shorter (even shorter version) of the modded file 'LockBeard' 

NOTE: Apparently one of the files is for a beard with braids (Like the Dwarf one) for humans but it doesn't show up in game either modded or unmodded. Not even sure why either the mesh or my mod exists, but happy accidents, I suppose.