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Do you think sigils lack some potential and don't really have an impact on gameplay? Then install this mod which changes sigil abilities quite a bit and don't have negative effects (except for one).

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There was a time when sigils were immensely powerful artifacts and didn't drain its user's strength. That was the time of the ancient elves. Dirth'ena enasalin.

This mod changes all available sigils and makes them more unique. They're powerful and worth using. Some of them alter your weapon's behavior and are only of use when combined with specific weapon types. Others can be used with every character, class and weapon.
The mod contains a store mod (Crossroads, Hinterlands) which can be uninstalled after you've purchased every desired sigil.

If you want to see other sigil abilities within this mod let me know. I try to to implement requests if possible.

Non-specific sigils:

  • Sigil of Deathroot: On hit: chance to Inflict Bees! on target.
  • Sigil of Felandaris: On hit: chance to spawn a toxic cloud at target location.
  • Sigil of Lyrium: Receive a large amount of Barrier when hit.
  • Sigil of the Arcane Horror: On hit: chance to bind enemy with Evil Eye.
  • Sigil of the Chevalier: Chance on hit: taunt all enemies withing 8m for 4 seconds.
  • Sigil of the Deepstalker: Cowardice: all attacks deal +500% from behind the target but only 10% from the front.
  • Sigil of the Giant: On hit: chance to sing an defensive buff for allies withing 8 meters.
  • Sigil of the Golem: On hit: chance to sing an offensive buff for allies withing 8 meters.
  • Sigil of the Nug: Chance of dodging incoming attacks.
  • Sigil of the Revenant: Every time an enemy dies nearby, he gains health and stamina.
  • Sigil of the Tusket: Gain a large boost to attack speed when below 50% health.

Weapon-specific sigils:

  • Sigil of the Bronto (2H): Enhanced basic attack: The end of the attack chain now knocks down enemies.
  • Sigil of the Gamordan Stormrider (Staff): Enhanced basic attack: The end of the attack chain now drops 3 electricity glyphs around you.
  • Sigil of the Great Bear (1H): Enhanced basic attack: The end of the attack chain now briefly stuns enemies.
  • Sigil of the Greater Mistral (2H): Enhanced basic attacks: you now Whirlwind all the time.
  • Sigil of the Highland Ravager (Warrior): Enhanced basic attack: your first attack now leaps toward your target if you are between 6 and 12 meters away.

Replacers / Optional Files:

  • Sigil of the Highland Ravager (Dagger): Enhanced basic attacks: The end of the attach chain now hits all enemies in the area.


Read the following tutorial: http://daimodder.tumblr.com/post/123864968464/dai-mod-manager-tutorial
Replacers / optional files need to stand below the main file in Mod Manager.