Dragon Age: Inquisition
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*NEW* Solas' Trespasser armor Wolf's Coat included!
Craftable Skin That Stalks armor with set bonuses and different appearances (original, Reaver and Arcane Warrior), better set accessories and a store mod to buy the set pieces/schematics. There are also some weapon and skill changes. Mix and match as you like.

Permissions and credits
The main mod contains several files. You can use them each on their own or the complete package. This is what each individual one does:

  • CraftableSetBonus: Changes the schematics for The Skin That Stalks armors. With the mod installed it offers the set bonus (The Taken Shape) which the non-crafted version holds as an inherent attribute. You can still add masterwork materials to it. There are three different versions: Arcane Warrior (light armor crafting tab), Original (medium armor crafting tab) and Reaver (heavy armor crafting tab).
  • SetStore: Adds the sets schematics and accessories to the Crossroads store in the Hinterlands in case you want to use the mod before playing Trespasser. Can be safely uninstalled after you've made all the desired purchases.
  • TheBindThatGuides: Contains the changes for the set's belt.
  • TheEyeThatWeeps: Contains the changes for the set's amulet.
  • TheHandThatCuts: Contains the changes for the set's ring.
  • Solas Armor Replacer: Makes Solas' Trespasser armor available for male human and elf characters and adds the set bonus to it. For more infos check out the specific paragraph in this description.
  • VFX Remover: Removes the visuals of the Perma-[flame/frost/shock] passive abilities.

You can mix and match the files as you like. If the changed accessories seem to be too powerful to you just install the armor changes or vice versa.

Solas' Wolf's Coat (Trespasser) Replacer:

  1. Install this separate file and download this Cheat Engine table.
  2. Download and install Cheat Engine if you haven't already.
  3. Start the game and load the table.
  4. Use the Inventory Item Editor of the CE table, equip/unequip the armor you want to use for Solas until the Inventory Item Editor populates with the item you want to change.
  5. Activate the Change option of the editor, paste "DA3_DLC_Blue/Equipment/NewArmors/dlcblue_equip_armor_light_solas_hooded" (hooded armor) or "DA3_DLC_Blue/Equipment/NewArmors/dlcblue_equip_armor_light_solas_hooded" (hoodless armor) without the brackets in the newly appeared window and click OK.
  6. Save the game and load it again.
  7. The previously chosen armor should now have the appearance of Solas' Trespasser armor but the same stats as original one + set bonus.

There is also some miscellaneous stuff:

  • Ring of Doubt No Restriction: Simply removes the class restriction of this ring.
  • Flask of Frost Taunt Radius: When using Flask of Frost's upgrade Bitter Chill you get a 5m taunt radius. With this file the radius is doubled to 10m.


Read the following tutorial: http://daimodder.tumblr.com/post/123864968464/dai-mod-manager-tutorial

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