Dragon Age: Inquisition
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A silver and black retexture of Cullen's armor; incorporates Celtic knotwork throughout his ensemble. 2k and 4k versions available.

Permissions and credits

Silver Knight offers an intricately adorned, yet classy alternative to Commander Cullen's original armor.

My goal was to create something a little more along the Celtic knight route, considering the cultural influences evident in his homeland of Ferelden (particularly noticeable in Origins). Ferelden's history brings to mind that of pre-Roman England, particularly with its tribal beginnings and the story of King Calenhad as a uniting figure, who, most assuredly, is their version of King Arthur.

I wanted this armor texture to reflect (pun intended) such a myth-shrouded culture that mirrors the ancient British Isles. I also wanted it to reflect the same origins of his name:

Cullen - go back far enough and it's Scottish
Stanton - English
Rutherford - Scottish
(the above information taken from Behind the Name)

To that end, there's Celtic knotwork detailing incorporated throughout Cullen's ensemble.

I also wanted his armor to look a bit more protective, and so I altered his leather sleeves to appear more like he's wearing a maille shirt underneath his cuirass. In total, the mod changes the following:

- Black leather, black fabric, black/silver fur, dark silver armor
- Silver maille sleeves with new spec map for shininess
- Knotwork embroidery on his coat, vest, and various armor pieces
- The Sword of the Inquisition emblazoned on the vambraces in the place of the Templar Sword of Mercy (he 'wants nothing to do with that life', remember?)
- There are now two alternate white variations - one with tan fur and gold detailing, the other with black fur

What's New in Version 3

~ I improved the normal map on the breastplate of the black version. There was a noticeable difference between the maps of the black and the white in V2...not something earth-shattering, of course, but it bothered me a lot after I found it. :P So I fixed it.

~ Using fontofnothing's 4k retexture as a resource, I was able to FINALLY get rid of that silly tie in the back for good. Yes, it's gone. Permanently. Bye. See ya. Not gonna miss ya.

~ I extended the chain sleeves underneath the breastplate. This is pretty visible when Cullen crosses his arms in conversation. In V2, this was leather like his gloves and was another issue that really bothered me. Now it's chain like the arms, so it really does look like he's wearing a chain hauberk underneath.

~ That weird loop of ribbon on his belt is no longer shiny. No idea why it was shiny before, but it isn't now. Plus, it's darker, so it matches the rest of the ribbon better.

~ The fuzzies are gone! :D That's right...I smoothed the fur collar by making the sticking-out-fur-bits totally transparent. I know it's supposed to emphasize the furriness, but it really got on my nerves for some reason (and looks a bit weird in some screenshots). Now those furry pieces won't clip horribly in certain scenes...maybe...possibly...

Install using DAI Mod Manager.

~ This mod is incompatible with any other mod that changes Cullen's armor texture.

Please do not redistribute to any other site, regardless of whether or not you can contact me.

*** If you wish to convert my mods to Frosty, please send me a message so we can discuss
it! I do not allow conversion unless you talk to me first!  ***

~ fontofnothing, for their 4k version
~ Inquisition Logo by Tipsqueak
~ Celtic Vector brushes courtesy www.obsidiandawn.com
~ Chainmail stock texture by jojo-ojoj on deviantArt

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