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Removes the fog of war from maps.

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After multiple playthroughs, I got tired of having to clear away the fog of war. So... maps are now always clear of it!

No More Fog of War
This mod turns the fog of war completely off for the maps I've modified. If you uninstall it, maps will revert back to their pre-mod appearance, meaning that places you explored for the first time with this mod installed will once again be covered in fog.

Unlock Map Pins
Can be used as a standalone mod. This mod (as of v0.2) will permanently unlock most pins on a map once you save your game. If you install this mod, visit a zone (e.g. Hinterlands), save your game, then uninstall this mod, the pins that were unlocked by this mod when you saved will remain unlocked.

This mod isn't perfect, but I hope you still find it useful!


DAIMOD version: Maps for the Trespasser DLC currently still have the fog of war despite the changes being made to the files, so no download for those. I also had to use an older version of the Mod Maker for the Jaws of Hakkon and Descent maps, as the current version created DAIMODs that crashed the Mod Manager. Hopefully this won't cause any issues, but please let me know if it does.


01/16/23: Re-exported the Frosty versions using Frosty Editor to make the fbmod files more current and less "legacy". No longer uses archive files. No other changes were made.

04/19/18: Released Frosty Mod versions. As far as I can tell, the FBMOD versions work fine with all DLC (including Trespasser).

: Renamed the No More Fog of War (Party at the Winter Palace) file to No More Fog of War (PatWP) to fix potential errors having to do with file paths being too long. You only need to download the file again if this was an issue for you. No other changes were made.

12/3/17: Added a new main file: No More Fog of War (Party at the Winter Palace). If you have the Party at the Winter Palace mod installed, please use this file instead of the main "No More Fog of War" file. Some Winter Palace maps will have fog on them, but the mods will no longer conflict.

2/27/16: Small update for the Unlock Map Pins mod. This update should fix any problems with greyed out fast travel spots (e.g. Redcliffe Village) as well as pins reverting to ?s if you uninstall the mod. Fast travel pins will now appear as ?s until you properly discover them.

02/23/16: Added new optional file: Unlock Map Pins. This mod unlocks the pins for maps, so you no longer have to be near points of interest before the map pin becomes visible. Works with Jaws of Hakkon and Descent maps, though Trespasser maps may remain stubborn.


DAIMOD version: Use the latest version of the Mod Manager from the DAITools Suite Loader to install.

FBMOD version: Use the latest version of the Frosty Mod Manager to install.


This mod modifies over 70 files, but there shouldn't be any problems unless you install another mod that modifies maps. This mod doesn't touch any textures, however, so map and/or map icon re-textures should be fine.

Party at the Winter Palace:

  • DAIMOD version: Use the "No More Fog of War (PatWP) - DAIMOD" optional file instead of the "No More Fog of War" main file if you have the Party at the Winter Palace mod installed. Some Winter Palace maps will have fog on them, but there will be no more mod conflicts.

  • FBMOD version: Install the "No More Fog of War (PatWP) - FBMOD" compatibility patch. Make sure that it loads AFTER the Party at the Winter Palace and No More Fog of War mods in the Frosty Mod Manager's load order. Winter Palace maps should be clear of fog and show map pins of all companions attending the party.


DAIMOD version: The Old Temple map in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC still has fog. There is no known fix for this at this time.

FBMOD version: Currently none.