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Changes the color of cloth and leather crafting materials to suit themed palettes based on the nations and groups of Thedas. Stat changes are optional.

Permissions and credits
These mods adjust the tint of crafting materials to suit seasonal color palettes based on a few principles:

1 Correct glaring omissions. (No black leather? Really?)
2 Expand the range by assigning new values to duplicates.
3 Follower starting armor must not clash with itself.
4 Adjust rather than make radical changes wherever possible.
5 Skyhold outfits must be tolerable.
6 No fuchsia anything.

These principles stood for almost a whole minute. I tried.


The crafting materials are separated by tier to keep the script manageable. Please do not attempt to install the DLC component unless Jaws of Hakkon is installed.

Because color tints and material stats are stored in the same file, and because it is not possible to install two mods that alter the same file, these mods are incompatible with any mods that alter cloth and leather crafting material colors or stats. With this in mind, players who use Borglet's All Crafting Materials Elevated Stats for metal crafting materials may elect to raise the stats of cloth and leather crafting materials to a uniform Tier 4 or "Tier 4 Plus" using this mod. These changes are based on Borglet's "All Crafting Materials Elevated Stats" mod, but my tier progression tables are a little different from hers. Please check the enclosed documentation. Borglet's mod is available Here.

Thank You!
The biggest thank you goes to tirnoney, who coded the configurable script, and without whom this mod would not have been possible.Thanks also go to the DAI Tools forum, Nightscrawl, and borglet, for help and inspiration.

The Palettes
Ferelden: (earthy, natural colors with a few jewel tones) crimson "Fereldean" red, clear gold, yellows, bright navy "Cousland" blue, everknit "sap" green, dark green, warm grey, buff, browns, cream

Orlais: (clear, bright colors) Clear "Orlesian" blue, navy, white, clear gold, pale mint green, burgundy, dark brown, buff, dark teal, salmon, black

Tevinter: (a palette of extremes, dark and bright) ivory, dark green, acid green, dark teal, black, more black, navy, blood red, gold

Orzammar: golds, browns, oranges, purples, lyrium blue (taken from color analysis of screen shots)

Dalish: Subtle cloth colors, whatever color I would get if I attempted to recreate the base color using the most easily obtainable natural dye. Leathers are going to be whatever color the animal's skin or hide would be if it were tanned. Quillbacks are reddish black animals. Why would quillback leather be blue-grey?

Grey Wardens: (a very limited palette) blues, greys, reds, white

Chantry: (another limited palette) primary red, burgundy, gold, white, charcoal grey, slate grey, buff, black, cream, dusty salmon pink

RGB Values

Players who use tirnoney's excellent Opulent Tints may wish to use just the RGB values from this mod. Some colors will be impossible to recreate without altering the specularity or Fresnel color, but the majority should work fine. The RGB value is highlighted in yellow.

Grey Wardens

Tools used:

ModMaker by DawnlessSky and Zhentar
Color Hex Codes
Adobe Color CC

Mods Shown in Screen Shots:

PJ and Light Armor Tinting Tweaks, by danexuslurker
Rare Weapons, by tirnoney
Long Half Ponytail for All, by Korikoc