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Retexture mods for the Orlesian nobility

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DressUp/DressDown is a pair of mods to retexture the outfits of noble Orlesian npcs.  For an immersive experience, I recommend installing DressUp during Wicked Hearts, and DressDown for the rest of the game.  If you'd rather just pick one and leave it installed all the time, that's fine too!  INSTALL ONLY ONE AT A TIME.

These mods only affect minor npcs; they do NOT affect anything the Inquisitor, companions, or advisers wear, nor do they affect important npcs like Celene, Gaspard, or Briala.

Dress Up
More fancy!  Bonnie Sim's cotton skirt is upgraded to a satin ballgown, Mr. Yellow Checkers gets a black jacket with silver roses, etc.  Npcs with extra fancy outfits by default (like Celene's handmaidens) have received only minimal alterations.

Dress Down
Less fancy!  Of course, "less fancy" is a relative phrase; this is Orlais!  Nobody's wearing burlap (or, *gasp*, Ferelden fashions)!  But jeweled gowns have been downgraded to riding dresses and summer sundresses, brightly-colored vests have become leather, etc.  Npcs already dressed on the practical side have received only minimal changes.

So what's the point?
I love how Orlesian fashion was done in-game: it's ridiculous, extravagant, gaudy, and gorgeous, and that's Orlais in a nutshell.  I'm not surprised that nobles wear silk and gold just to take a stroll through Val Royeaux...but I am absolutely flabbergasted to see them reuse those outfits for a royal ball!  Did Bonnie Sims not even bother to change after getting off work?!  Scandalous!  (Not that I blame Bioware: it would be a bit wasteful to have totally separate outfits for just one quest.  But that doesn't mean it can't bug me...)  I considered just upgrading the least fancy outfits, but that doesn't really fix the problem because no matter how fancy everyone gets, they're STILL wearing the same outfits to both the ball and to brunch: if Orlais deems outfit X acceptable for a Sunday stroll, that just means the nobility ought to be going even more over the top when meeting the Empress.  What we need is not just fancier outfits, but different outfits for the ball vs. everywhere else, and DressUp/DressDown is my attempt to fix that problem.  (I dearly wish I could have made the game automatically flip between appearances automatically, but if that's even possible, it's beyond my skill set.)

It's compatible with all DLC packs (as far as I can tell), but useless: it won't cause a crash in Black Emporium, JoH, Descent, or Trespasser (even during the opening cinematics of Trespasser & Descent), but the first three have no orlesian nobles, and DressUp/DressDown has no effect on the npcs in Trespasser.

Compatible with any mod that does not specifically alter the outfits of common Orlesian noble npcs.  That means mods that alter hair, complexion, materials, major npcs, the wedding dress, Mask Shop, etc are all fine.  (EDIT: It's also compatible with anything that retextures Celene, Florianne, or Gaspard.)  If you want a complete list of all files affected by DressUp/DressDown, see the textfile I uploaded.

A La Carte/Source Textures
I thought about posting individual mods for each outfit replacement, to let you pick and choose which ones you want, but the game file structure makes that impossible: the Orlesian nobility's outfits are extremely intertwined (many of them share hats, boots, belts, tint maps, etc), meaning that you often can't change one npc's look without causing side effects in others.  So, no a la carte :(  If there's a particular combo or standalone outfit you're dying for, ask, and I'll check if it's possible.

I haven't posted my source textures because there are SO MANY, but if there's anything you want, just ask.  I don't mind people using my stuff in their mods as long as you cite me for my contribution :)