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Here are sliders of avatar pic(Yennefer) that I was inspired to make after Aileani/Lenaly made 'Yennefer's hair'.
I used more pinkish eyes(though in sliders screenshot I gave more original Yennefer's color of eyes though you are free to experiment with her eye color like me as you wish). However in order to get this look, more then my sliders you will need some of mods first so make sure you have latest DAI mod manager installed: Get Latest DAI Mod Manager From Here!

Now these are Mods you simply must have if you want look from pic:

Hair Mod by Aileani
Yennefer's Face Complexion With Black Eyeliner by Ascendia
Eyes by Ramccoid
Eyebrows by Shantia
Tutorial In Order To Get Black Hair Instead Of Blueish-Gray by Rheamell

Optional Mods that are used in picture(sliders pictures) but aren't 'must':

Eyelashes Mod by xStephyG
SK Hair Re-Textures(I use Realistic One) by Skaramoosh
Live Like Viv by Borglet

Don't forget to endorse guys who made all these mods because without them I would never create this in first place <3
Also please feel free to share some screenshots if you want as well if you were using those sliders.
Side-Special thanks to Ascendia for base inspiration(shapes) that helped me make this character.