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These mods adjust the tint of crafting materials to suit seasonal color palettes.

Permissions and credits

Celebrate with a palette carefully selected from the rose garden of the Randy Dowager herself!

“I can think of no more suitable inspiration than the promptings of the heart. And associated organs.” - R. D.

Now Configurable!

RGB Values for All Palettes

Available Palettes

browns, golds, greens, warm greys

Dark Autumn
intense browns and reds, golds, dusty greens, greys

blues, reds, purples, cool greens, cool greys, some pastels

Dark Winter
moody, intense blues, purples, reds, and greens

clear pastels and some vivid shades

soft pastels

a study in rose


Legacy Versions
For players who use multiple tint/texture mods and want to continue to do so

DLC Tint Fixes
Corrects the tint of the Cloth 2 slot to match the color of the Cloth 1 slot for Avvar Twill and Silken Nether Cloth
Available as: Individual Files
(Do not install unless Jaws of Hakkon is installed!)

No Tint Stat Leveler Files
No color changes. For completing the crafting material palette when mixing and matching among other palettes.
Available as: "Tier 4" Individual Files & "Tier 4 Plus" Individual Files
This is an "individual files" version of All Crafting Materials Elevated Stats
Used with explicit permission.
(Do not install DLC components unless Jaws of Hakkon is installed!)

Bespoke Palettes
Available: Brown Highever Weave, Skyhold in Burgundy, Veil and Ice
(see file description for more info)

If you would like to mix and match colors from multiple palettes, the new configurable version was made just for you.

If you wish to use this mod in combination with other tint mods, or if you wish to use the DLC Tint Fixes or a Bespoke Palette together with a Seasonal Palette, be sure to use one of the legacy "Individual Files" versions.

If you would like to make your own tint mod and if you would like to one or more color(s) from any of these palettes, please see my Tint Tutorial for the links to the spreadsheets where all the hex offsets are stored. Neither permission nor credit are required. Happy modding!

These mods adjust the tint of crafting materials to suit seasonal color palettes based on a few principles:

1 Correct glaring omissions. (No black leather? Really?)
2 Expand the range by assigning new values to duplicates.
3 Follower starting armor must not clash with itself.
4 Adjust rather than make radical changes wherever possible.
5 Skyhold outfits must be tolerable.
6 No fuchsia anything.

All of these rules have been broken.

The tiers and DLC materials are kept as separate mods to keep the script manageable. Jaws of Hakkon is absolutely required for the DLC component.

Please do not attempt to install the DLC component of any mod unless Jaws of Hakkon is installed. 
If you do install it, your game will crash.

If you would like to see a particular crafting material in a particular color, let me know!
I'm moving on from Seasonal Palettes to other modding projects, but if I know there is a demand for a specific color or palette, I can try to accommodate it.

RGB Values Are Available!

If you would like to use any of these RGB values with Tirnoney's excellent Opulent Tints mod, the RGB values of my colors are available. You should use the values on the "overview" sheet in the columns highlighted in yellow. Please excuse the language, these were working notes. Because Opulent Tints uses the same value for the base color and for sheen effects, you won't be able to reproduce any of the iridescent colors using it, but the bulk of them should work fine. Please don't be afraid to experiment. 

Dark Autumn
Dark Winter

Here's a set from my next mod, Palettes of Thedas. I'm holding off on releasing it until the script for a configurable version is ready, but the spreadsheets contain screenshots of all the colors, so there's no reason you can't see them now. As with the others, please use the values in the yellow-highlighted fields. And as with the others, if I have modified the lighting effects, you will not be able to reproduce the color with the RGB values alone. If that's the case, it will be marked on the overview sheet with italic text or with a red font, depending upon whether it's a Fresnel or specularity change.

The Grey Wardens
The Andrastian Chantry

Changes to Skyhold Outfits and Companion Gear

Skyhold Outfits: Any change you make to any of the crafting materials will affect the Skyhold outfits.
Casual Wear:
- Austerity: cotton, nugskin
- Purity: infused Vyrantium samite, druffalo hide
- Vivacity: silk brocade, bear hide

Formal Wear:
- The Winter Palace: I haven't a clue. Nothing I've modded has any effect on it, apart from specific "Halamshiral" mods
- The Coastal Fortress: silk brocade, cotton
- The Calenhad Sunset: plaidweave, ring velvet
- The Midnight Tower: darkened samite, silk

- Venture Forth: cotton, velveteen, bear hide
- Venture Capital: highever weave, infused Vyrantium samite, dragon scales
- NIght's Watch: imperial vestment cotton, lustrous cotton, wyvern scales
- Day's Vigil: silk, Highever weave, dragon scales

- Immortal: velveteen
- Eternal: ring velvet

Companion Starting Armor:
- Cassandra: obsidian, ram leather, lustrous cotton, samite
- Sera: great bear hide, Highever weave, plaideweave, iron
- Dorian: silk, plush Fustian velvet, silverite (default leather)
- Blackwall: paragon's luster, bear hide, lambswool, darkened samite
- Cole: cotton, velveteen, silverite (default leather, no idea about the hat)
- Vivienne: royale sea silk, lambswool, august ram leather, volcanic aurum
- Solas: cotton, everknit wool, lurker scales, summer stone
- Varric: bronto hide, Highever weave, darkened samite, iron
- Iron Bull: iron, everknit wool, bronto hide

Compatibility Considerations

Because color tints and material stats are stored in the same file, and because it is not possible to install two mods that alter the same file, these mods are incompatible with any mods that alter crafting material colors or stats. With this in mind, I've created three versions of each mod: tint only, tier 4 stats, and "tier 4 plus" stats. "Tier 4 Stats" and "Plus Stats" are recolors of borglet's All Crafting Materials Elevated Stats mod, and all credit goes to her. Borglet's mod is available here:  http://www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/1039/?

Compatibility with Texture Mods

Seasonal Palettes does not alter the texture of any crafting material and is therefore compatible with mods that alter the texture without changing the tint. If ever I do offer such a feature, it will be optional, and most likely vastly inferior to other texture mods currently available. Seasonal Palettes is compatible with Impressioniste'sTextile Shop mod, a mod I recommend highly, especially for Everknit Wool and Plush Fustian Velvet. 

Thank You!

A huge, giant thank you to tirnoney, who coded the configure script.

Special thanks go to Nightscrawl for endlessly patient instruction and coaching, to borglet for the generous donation of her EBX files and for some helpful tips and encouragement, to tirnoney for the inspiration to do this thing in the first place, and to the DAI Tools modding community.

Tools used:

ModMaker by DawnlessSky and Zhentar (DAI Tools Forum)
HxD Hex Editor by Maël Hörz (HxD Hex Editor Download)
Edward Hew's RGB/Hex Converter (RGB/Hex Converter Link)
Greg Stoll's Floating Point to Hex Converter (Float to Hex Converter)
H Schmidt's IEEE 754 Converter (Multi-format Converter)
Color Hex Codes (Link)

A Note about stat changes:

Unlike previous versions, this version uses a slightly different stat elevation scheme based on the arithmetic progression of crafting materials across the tiers. Players will probably only notice the changes for materials with two attributes in the utility slot. Please see the images page for a view of the table.