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Cole at his best - and his worst.

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Once upon a time, a spirit of kindness happened to encounter a sad, lonely boy who had been locked in a dungeon for no crime worse than having been born. This desperate, tragic figure was in terrible trouble, and nobody knew of his plight. So the spirit, being a compassionate sort, decided without further ado to...

(a)  pop into the dreams of somebody sleeping nearby, and give them a friendly reminder that poor Cole had been forgotten; or -

(b)  go get Solas/Justice/some other human-savvy type spirit;  or -

(c)  watch the kid starve to death, then weave itself into a dark reflection of his poor, broken body and go on a stabbity rampage round Thedas, murder-knifing anybody who looked a bit glum.

Hint - it didn't go for (a) or (b).

So now we have Cole the Friendly Ghost, bringing his blade of redemption to the enemies of the Inquisition - and injured soldiers of the Inquisition, and former Templars whose work-related stress caused them to doze on the job... let's just say, there's a reason nobody wants to bunk with him.

And this is why I decided to make my first ever mod NOT designed to beautify a character. Instead, I gleefully present,

the Horror

Our lost soul is no longer just a wan, wistful waif with bug eyes and a rabbity expression. Cole now looks exactly like what he is - the vengeful, psychotic doppelganger of a long-dead boy, who creeps about, stalking his unwitting victims before eviscerating them in some twisted parody of mercy.

UPDATE:  there is now an option for those who prefer their Spirits of Compassion more Sixth Sense than Ringu. Meet Cole, the Helper - he's still eerie, but in a sad, gentle, well-meaning-but-not-quite-right sort of way. Designed by special request for my loyal friend in moddery, hvyhrss.

Cole, either Horror or Helper, is a stand-alone mod (no other downloads are required). Any other mods that tweak Cole's face (or teeth) will probably conflict with this one; clothing mods, hair mods, and eye mods should work just fine. Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance. Or therapy.


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