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Riding the Bull just got a lot more fun.

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Saddle up - it's time to
Ride the Bull!

The life of a mercenary is never easy. All that hacking and slashing, out in all weathers, and the benefits package just sucks. Is it any wonder that the mighty Iron Bull is a little worse for wear? He's a Qunari, so he's sort of culturally obligated to be all terse and rugged - plus the man drinks. A lot.

But the sad fact remains that, in a world where the pool of potential love-matches is (at best) half a dozen, it simply does not cut the mustard to have one sixth of that number look like a tree-stump that got chewed up and pooped out by an angry varghest.

No, if poor Hissrad has any hope of competing for the Inquisitor's favour against the likes of Cullen, Cassandra... or even Cole, something must be done.

So I'z done it. Bull is now (hopefully) a lot less awful to look at, but retains his essential scarred-up, one-eyed badassery. Plus he now has tats - and this ink won't wash off!

Iron Bull - Horns Up - is a stand-alone mod (no other downloads are required). Any other mods that tweak Bull's face (or teeth) will probably conflict with this one; clothing mods, hair mods (ha!ha!ha!), and eye mods (just the one) should work just fine. Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance.

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