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The mischievous minx of the Inquisition gets a makeover.

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Hold onto your breeches - it's...
Saucy Sera!

After all the pranks she has inflicted on her unsuspecting comrades, it's only fair that Sera's naughty chickens come home to roost. And so they have, in fine style - apparently, Josie and Vivienne decided enough was enough, and ambushed our favourite waif with a bar of Orlesian soap and a large scrub-brush. Finally, that old bathtub in the corner of Josephine's office has seen some action - and the result is très jolie! Whiter teeth, brighter skin; even a smudge of kohl around those sparkling eyes (...or that could be dirt. Who knows?)!

Saucy Sera is a stand-alone mod (no other downloads are required). Any other mods that tweak our ragamuffin's face (or teeth) will probably conflict with this one. Clothing mods, hair mods, eye mods, etc should work just fine. Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance.

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