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"Remember the old English proverb, He that will not stoop for a pin, will never be worth a pound."
Samuel Pepys, An answer not like a King, Diary, 2 January, 1668 [The King answered to it that it was no great matter.]

Julien Journet & Brian Delgado — Life Signal 

"[——— Miss stooping for a Pin.———]
Miss:— I have heard 'em say, that a Pin a Day is a Groat a Year. 
Well, as I hope to be married, forgive me for swearing ; I vow, 'tis a Needle."
Jonathan Swift, Polite Conversation, Dialogue 1 [Wonderful Works of Nature: That a black Hen should have a white Egg !] 

Una catches this piece of man to test Vivienne's rejuvenation trick on a male dragon, as endowment for Dorian's virility.

"To my lord speak! Your servant Ašqudum (says), "About the woman who is staying by herself in the palace of Hişamta— 
The matter does not meet the eye. It would be good if five women who do wool work [weave carpets] were staying with her.
Now the woman can pay attention (only) to herself.... alone like a screech-owl."
Ašqudum, mayor of Hişamta, Letter to the King of Mari, #26 57, trans. Wolfgang Heimpel, 2000 BC.

Corypheus dead or undead, many parts of an old structure subsist: dreamer son, dragon, shapeshifting Flemeth & spirit.

"Holy Artemis feels pity and anger at the predators who fell upon a cringing hare. She hates the feast of the eagles." 
Aeschylus, Agamemnon, l. 88-91 [They ate unborn young. A dread devising everrecurring everremembering anger.]

Liam Payne feat. Quavo — Strip That Down for me

"I have paid for you with my son’s mandrakes."
Genesis, 30:16 [Is it a small matter that you have taken my husband?]

"As keys do open chests, so letters open breasts."
Motto, in James Howell, Epistolæ Ho-Elianæ (Familiar letters), 1645 [Howell's travels on behalf of a glass factory.]

"He got nipped by the machinery in a carpet factory and went through in less than a quarter of a minute; 
his widder bought the piece of carpet that had his remains wove in."
Mark Twain, Roughing It, Chapter LIII. The Story of the Old Ram, 1872 [fourteen y-a-r-d-s — of three-ply — car — -pet —].

Solas set up magical networks, wide ranging. If Flemeth anchors her girls' long life on this root, the dwarven blights end. 

"At his trade, he was as sharp as an eagle. He recited hundreds of prayers by heart in a low, relaxed and sonorous voice."
[En su oficio era un águila. Ciento y tantas oraciones sabía de coro. Un tono bajo, reposado y muy sonable.]
Diego de Mendoza ed., Lazarillo de Tormes (A letter), Chapter 1, 1554 [To empty out the blind man's wine, use a straw.]