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  • List of filenames

    Arcane glasses
    Beard slot glasses only\DF\df_brd_gglassen_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\DF\df_brd_gglasses_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\DM\dm_brd_gglassen_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\DM\dm_brd_gglasses_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\EF\ef_brd_gglassen_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\EF\ef_brd_gglasses_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\EM\em_brd_gglassen_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\EM\em_brd_gglasses_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\HF\hf_brd_gglassen_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\HF\hf_brd_gglasses_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\HM\hm_brd_gglassen_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\HM\hm_brd_gglasses_0.mmh


  • Return to Ferelden for Resources for Certain Interested Parties and more.

    I just realized about articles and that I probably should have been featuring major updates and new mods that use Resources for Certain Interested Parties for those who follow the mod as articles. I will try to do that from now on for noteworthy updates and new mods that use it, as well as mods that may not need this mod but is recommended to go with it. I rather just post one place. I'd also like to note: I do take feedback into consideration even from a year ago (I just didn't know how to fix/improve, if I even could—back then). I can't please everyone or fix everything, but it is always at least considered!

    Return to Ferelden (Ferelden Revision), if you use one or more of my redress mods:  A Paragon of Dwarvenkind, Dark Circle, Gnawed Nobles and Nature of the Dalish...

  • About Reinforced Robes

    So many GDAs!
    materialtypes is where tint, material ruleset, and default sound-type are set for each material (there are a crapload more columns in this GDA, but the rest are defunct).   By default, clothing materials do not have rulesets, so I have made some new ones, by extending materialrules.gda. 

    materialrules sets the base offensive and defensive properties for any material.  For the new robe materials, I simply copied select lines from leather because it was easier than attempting to balance things myself.   For the stat nerds:
    Tier 1 (apprentice/tranquil) robes are based on cured leather.
    Tier 2 (mage) robes are based on hardened leather.
    Tier 3 (senior mage) robes are based on inscribed leather.
    Tier 4 (first ...

  • (Archive) Character Variance Kit

    This technique is now obsolete. Please see the "standalone textures" section of the main description.

    If you want to use one tint map for most characters but different ones for your warden and/or select NPCs, you'll need these resources (as well as a main file as above).

    In this kit, the three tint maps have been assigned a letter: A for dark lips, B for medium lips, and C for pale lips. There are two ways of using the kit:

    This is the most user-friendly way of the two approaches, but it is also the most limited: it allows you to assign a different tint map to your warden, but only your warden.

    I've provided three presets (MOPs) for each gender/race combo, one for each tint map. The presets are just the "base" presets with a few...

  • Update Actions

    This article contains details of any updates that require action to be taken by the user. Hopefully, it won't be many!

    Version 1.3
    The update
    When old MRHs were opened with my mod, any use of the old "Jaw Square shape" slider would be picked up by the new "Jaw Square shape" slider rather than the new "Jaw Triangle shape" slider. This is the wrong morph target, so the face looked wrong.

    The two sliders have now had their references swapped internally, so old MRHs will now behave correctly: the old "Jaw Square shape" usage will correctly show up in the new "Jaw Triangle shape".

    User action needed
    Unfortunately this applies to MRHs made in a previous version of this mod too: they will now have the numbers in the two sliders re...

  • Be More Elfy - Dalish Dialogue Overhaul - Changes Listed by Character

    For those who want to read it before they download the mod, here is a (kinda) detailed list of changes made in this mod. Due to the number of conversations I will be editing, I will no longer list them on the description page but update them here as I continue the project. I will also include them in the Read Me file in the mod downloads. (Sorry, but this is a wall of text.)

    Please note that the images section only show examples of changes made and don't show every line added or every change made.

    ○ ○ ○

    Dalish Elf Origin


    -Tamlen's romance choice has been moved-
    The choice to begin a romance with him is now part of the conversation after you handle the hunters and before you go to the cave. You must choose t...

  • rose cousland

    розово волосая девушка...

  • azair blood mage

    требуется мод new person...

  • saralain dalish elf

    симпатичная эльфийка...

  • byron human- commener

    вам потребуется мод человек простолюдин...

  • Ranger summons Witherfang

    Raplacement for Ranger ability "Summon Wolf". It summons Witherfang instead of wolf....

  • Add beard to character with Dragon Age Face Replacer

    Guide to adding a beard to female dwarf with Dragon Age Face Replacer.
    This will also work for Shanamah's Earring Beards, or any other parts related morph editing you want to do.
    Obviously backup all your files and if something goes wrong, don't blame me.
    There is a more in depth tutorial for the face replacer tool here. Ask on nexus forums for help if you're not sure, I can't personally troubleshoot this for you.

    I would recommend making your pre-beard character as close to the default female dwarf face as you can around the cheeks and jaw to avoid clipping. If you chose a Hairbeard so you'd have a beard in the opening, obviously swap the hair out for its tucked hair version when you change the mrh, or you'll have two beards on top of each other.

  • Preset Tutorial

    Making the MOP

    Make your headmorph in the Toolset (for more information please see this wiki page). Make sure its filename has no spaces in it (you can use underscores instead).
    Go to the far right in the Object Inspector to find the "14. Export settings" tab.
    Change the "Export .mop file" setting to "True".
    Right click on your headmoprh and select "Post to Local". (You can also use Edit -> Post to Local.)
    Find where the headmorph has been exported to. If you're not sure, open the Log window (View -> Other Windows -> Log Window) and check its output. It should give the full path of the exported MOP, which will be the "toolsetexport" folder of your current Toolset module. It is best to move the MOP to your override folder.


  • Duplicate Morph Target List

    Below is a list of all the morph targets that have been duplicated and renamed in the "Duplicate Morph Targets" erf file. Some sliders have more than one morph target associated (eg eye sliders must move both the head mesh and the eyelash mesh, and some head shapes move the head mesh, the eye mesh and the eyelash mesh); these are presented in a list. Where a slider has been renamed in this mod, the vanilla name is included alongside it for easy searching purposes.

    All targets have been renamed to replace the "a" near the end of the filename with a "b", eg UH_JAW_01a_0 -> UH_JAW_01b_0.

    Jaw -> Jaw Lower: UH_JAW_01a_0
    Jaw -> Jaw Triangle Shape: UH_JAW_11a_0

    Universal Shapes
    Universal Shapes -> Shape Chubby: UH_SHP_01a_0

  • Manual Workarounds

    Some of the issues my mod addresses in the Toolset can also be worked around in the character creator and/or on existing MOP/MOR files (in case you don't have the MRH files to edit). Sadly I don't know how to edit the in-game CC itself to reduce its restrictions, or we'd all be much happier!

    To edit existing MOR or MOP files, you'll need either the Toolset or pyGFF.

    Fixing the white scalp issue or selecting a custom scalp colour
    In the CC
    You can't.

    On an existing MOP
    Edit MORPH_TINTFILENAMES -> 11 (10 contains the tint for the brows/facial hair) to have the name of the correct tint.

    On an existing MOR
    Same as for a MOP.

    Stop the CC snapping features to 100%
    On an existing...

  • Andraste's Grace - Leliana

    The beautiful Leliana adorns long, flowing and ethereal locks. Enjoy!
    Thanks to BlazingMovement and Luutzi for the awesome hair!

    Tucked Hair 
    Elf Update
    Vilna V2 Hair...

  • Dragon Age 2: Origins ReadMe

    Dragon Age 2: Origins
    The Hawke family are from Lothering and Aveline was at Ostegar, yet the Hero of Fereldan did not meet them. Well now they can! This is a repackage of three great mods that, taken together form a psuedo 'origin story' for Aveline, Leandra, Bethany, Carver and, of course, the future Champion of Kirkwall themselves!
    Refer to the mods called out in Acknowledgements for a full list of required asset mods that the NPC morphs depend on.


    I claim no responsibility for Mod contents nor their creation, all I have done is simply combine these three into a simplified installer.
    All kudos and credit for these Mods' creation must go to the users called out in the Acknowledgement...

  • Comments - Endorsements - Questions

    Hey, all. You can leave any comments or questions you'd like here if you don't want to do so in the main comments tab....

  • Anathema EF Hair

    I am BlazingMovement and I am very new to modding, so certain aesthetic areas will high probably be better in the future as I become more proficient at modding!  ??
    The hair was created by the extremely talented LUUTZI, who has allowed others to convert her hairs into other games! (thank you! ❤️ ) 
    The hair is for EF only, (since I almost only play as such). Add all the files in your override folder and add the following in your chargenmorrph:
    <resource name="ef_har_anathema_0" cut="1" />
    Be sure to check out the original hair over here! <3 : https://luutzi.tumblr.com/post/632983403216683008/luutzi-anathema-female-hair-ea-mesh-edit
    This is (as said) my first mod I've converted, so I hope you guys might like it! ❤️ Also, I use the updated Elf...

  • my save game

    my SAVE GAME   Contains full sva egma for dragon age original (wihout dwarf commoner)
    i play with mods of course but you can play without if you want  without problem.
    only problem can be find missing armor/weapon for npc like guard but is not realy problem, they nake....