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  • Be More Elfy - Dalish Dialogue Overhaul - Compatibility Info

    For the sake of cleaning up my sticky post and keeping my description from getting too cluttered, I have moved all compatibility information to this article. Below is the list of what I'm aware of. I will update it as needed.

    If you find a mod not listed here that conflicts with mine, please leave a comment on the mod page.

    Important Note:
    den300_shianni.dlb and den300_shianni.dlg
    My dialogue edits for Shianni during Unrest in the Alienage conflict with multiple mods. However, it appears these mods are focused on fixing bugs with the Warden's love interests in the City Elf origin. So, you can safely let Be More Elfy overwrite Shianni's file in other mods while playing as a Dalish Elf. For Qwinn's Fixpack, a patch is provided under Optional Files.

  • Melee Caster Abilities for Arcane Warriors

    Melee Caster Class and Abilities
    Be able to spec into weapon, class and specialization abilities from rogues and warriors as a mage. Even before you get your first Specialization. To delete aka opt out of specific abilities go to Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns\Melee_Caster\core\data\Melee Caster Abilities, and pick and choose what you want to keep or delete. However, be sure to keep the _Core file folder.

    Just to be clear I have no idea what determines the order of spell and talent categories in the GUI spellbook, generally though the classes mage/rogue/warrior and specializations seem to stay on top while talents and spells rearrange over the slightest ...

  • Demonology and Necromancy Specializations

    Demonology Specializations
    In this game, demonology/necromancy are basically tied under the same umbrella. There are two branches under demons are fade (demons) and possessed (or demonic possession). Basically, the two specializations are more Demonology with Demon and Demonic Possession trees. The specializations are labeled Demonologist and Necromancer but the spell trees are labeled Demonology and Necromancy. For customization aka file deletion, the files are located in Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns\Demonology\core\data\Demonology Specializations.

    Spellbook Preview:

    Demonology (Demon):

    is more Desire De...

  • Dialogue and Approval System

    Dialogue and Approval System 
    I have decided to make my mod more accessible by making it more Qwinn's Fixpack friendly as well as Non-Circle Mage Origins
    friendly but not making it a requirements either. So if you have Qwinn's Fixpack module installed and my mod is in your override folder it will/should work together, and shouldn't conflict since the changes should be the same or meant to work together. If not using Qwinn's Fixpack there may slightly different results for the same/similar fixes, as my mod is dialogue oriented it doesn't include the entire range of Qwinn's fixes. My mod mostly includes dialogue fixes in the dialogues that I have edited and a few script fixes that are related to...

  • Areas and Atmosphere

    Areas and Atmosphere
    This is the RtF module and the Areas and Atmosphere folder, the folder doesn't need the module (and the module doesn't need the folder) but both will need components of RfCIP for RtF. So if you want Denerim day/night, Lake Calenhad Docks weather, etc. but not Amaranthine or the Awakening integration per se, you can opt out of Amaranthine and Awaking integration. However, you have to keep Awakening Model Resources this should have the animations for the rain, and shouldn't disrupt your game where you do not want it to, so you should be safe/fine. When it comes to the Awakening Mechanics Resources folder you will have to keep vfx_base_gxa.gda for sure (this is where the rain and rain droplet effe...

  • The Mabari Models suck.

    I for one hate the original mabari models with a passion, I understand that they are war dogs however I prefer Wolves so much better....

  • Notes on Merchant Scaling

    Stores open through dialog options which set a plot flag called "open store" in gen00pt_generic_actions, triggering the store interface to open.  That plot script refers to a function "ScaleStoreItems" in core_h.nss.  
    Rather than edit core_h directly, requiring all scripts dependent on it to also be recompiled, I've created a new include file that only contains an edited version of ScaleStoreItems, and then changed gen00pt_generic_actions (and a few other store-opening plot scripts) to use my new function instead. 

    ~~original ScaleStoreItems function, unedited (except to remove logging)~~ 
    ~~my notes & edits~~

    void ScaleStoreItems(object oStore, int bReset = FALSE)
        // check for duplicate specialization books

  • OWA and DA2 Importing

    For some reason, when importing an Orlesian Warden into DA2, some of the plot flags may not set correctly, and the default are used instead (not all of them, and I haven't yet figured out a pattern). 
    If you're comfortable with save gave editing with pyGFF, you can double-check for yourself and fix them.  (if not, I recommend the Gibbed DA Save Generator instead)
    For continuity, it's best to do this as early in your DA2 run as possible. 
    Savegames are usually stored in Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age 2/Characters/*charactername*/Saves, and have the .das extension. 

    Open your .das with pyGFF, and expand the main node.  Under that, expand 16024, and then 17607.  There are about 300 nodes, and the 'value' column corresponds to a specific plot flag from DAO ...

  • Ambience and Environment

    Ambience and Environment
    RfCIP Awakening Integration and RfCIP Awakening Mechanics Resources (from RfCIP for RtF) includes awakening herbs (and other placeables), and stamina draughts available by containers herb or otherwise. Additional custom placeable Deep Mushroom (Spider Corpse Variant) model included; from and compatible with Deep Mushroom Resources (so you can have both Ghoul Mushroom variant and Spider Corpse Variant) with Shanamah's permission (you do not have to download the mod, but you should it is great). Also this same model is used as a replacement for Corrupted Spider corpses (APR_base_spider_corr file), it only affects models of corrupted spiders and if you have mods that conflict yo...

  • Appearances and Equipment

    Companions and NPCs
    I wasn't sure if I was going to make this apart of the main files or optional, since many people are very particular on how their companion characters look. So my companions still have the look of the originals (except Sten) or otherwise inspired by other Dragon Age installments. This is because I personally have a hard time with faces that don't seem to match the rest of the game. But there is a good chance you have your own companion MORs anyways so you might end up using those anyways.

    Alistair redressed in tmp7704's Warden-Commander Armor and MOR (slightest tweaks), default start talents reworked, and unique restricted gear
    Leliana unique ...

  • Using Be More Elfy - Dalish Dialogue Overhaul and Improved Atmosphere together

    Basic instructions on how to use Be More Elfy with the Improved Atmosphere modupdated 04.16.24

    If you are new to installing mods or just confused about the different files and where to go, check out this link:
    Using Dragon Age Mods for Dummies
    Hot Tip Use the DirConflict mod to search for conflicting files. This is a very useful tool (especially with texture mods) if you're unsure what conflicting files you have. I went years unaware this even existed—don't be me

    • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ •

    IA and Be More Elfy can be used together. However, the Improved Atmosphere mod by SpaceAlex edits some of the same dialogue files I do. So, if you want my changes with the IA ...

  • Original Mod documentation - readme UTCS by AdmiralAlbia

    Original Elves of Ferelden readme by AdmiralAlbia

    What it is:
    - 6 brand-new conversions of the DA2 elf clothes. These overwrite 3 of the vanilla outfits (come, comf and comk for both sexes), so they can be installed without worrying about item variation ID conflicts.
    - 27 new clothing items in various colour combinations to go with these new conversions. That's 9 each! Yes, I went a little overboard.
    - 7 default replacements for vanilla items, not including the main 6 outfits.
    - A complete overhaul of every elf in Origins and all DLCs except Witch Hunt (see below) to use these new clothes where appropriate, use other modded-in clothing where appropriate, and use vanilla clothing assets where appropriate.

    What it is not:
    - A face mod. I...

  • List of filenames

    Arcane glasses
    Beard slot glasses only\DF\df_brd_gglassen_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\DF\df_brd_gglasses_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\DM\dm_brd_gglassen_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\DM\dm_brd_gglasses_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\EF\ef_brd_gglassen_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\EF\ef_brd_gglasses_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\EM\em_brd_gglassen_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\EM\em_brd_gglasses_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\HF\hf_brd_gglassen_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\HF\hf_brd_gglasses_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\HM\hm_brd_gglassen_0.mmh
    Beard slot glasses only\HM\hm_brd_gglasses_0.mmh


  • About Reinforced Robes

    So many GDAs!
    materialtypes is where tint, material ruleset, and default sound-type are set for each material (there are a crapload more columns in this GDA, but the rest are defunct).   By default, clothing materials do not have rulesets, so I have made some new ones, by extending materialrules.gda. 

    materialrules sets the base offensive and defensive properties for any material.  For the new robe materials, I simply copied select lines from leather because it was easier than attempting to balance things myself.   For the stat nerds:
    Tier 1 (apprentice/tranquil) robes are based on cured leather.
    Tier 2 (mage) robes are based on hardened leather.
    Tier 3 (senior mage) robes are based on inscribed leather.
    Tier 4 (first ...

  • (Archive) Character Variance Kit

    This technique is now obsolete. Please see the "standalone textures" section of the main description.

    If you want to use one tint map for most characters but different ones for your warden and/or select NPCs, you'll need these resources (as well as a main file as above).

    In this kit, the three tint maps have been assigned a letter: A for dark lips, B for medium lips, and C for pale lips. There are two ways of using the kit:

    This is the most user-friendly way of the two approaches, but it is also the most limited: it allows you to assign a different tint map to your warden, but only your warden.

    I've provided three presets (MOPs) for each gender/race combo, one for each tint map. The presets are just the "base" presets with a few...

  • Update Actions

    This article contains details of any updates that require action to be taken by the user. Hopefully, it won't be many!

    Version 1.3
    The update
    When old MRHs were opened with my mod, any use of the old "Jaw Square shape" slider would be picked up by the new "Jaw Square shape" slider rather than the new "Jaw Triangle shape" slider. This is the wrong morph target, so the face looked wrong.

    The two sliders have now had their references swapped internally, so old MRHs will now behave correctly: the old "Jaw Square shape" usage will correctly show up in the new "Jaw Triangle shape".

    User action needed
    Unfortunately this applies to MRHs made in a previous version of this mod too: they will now have the numbers in the two sliders re...

  • Be More Elfy - Dalish Dialogue Overhaul - Changes by Quest-Character

    For anyone who wants to know exactly what this overhaul entails before installing it, this article is a (kind of) detailed list of dialogue changes made by this mod, sorted by quest/character. For conflicts and compatibility, please see the mod page.

    This is the only place I will continue to update with changes because the list is long. It's also a way to keep track of what I've done.

    Please note that the images section only shows examples of changes made and doesn't show every line added or every change made.This article will contain spoilers if you've never played DAO or the Dalish Origin.

    ○  ○  ○  ○  ○  ○  ○  ○  ○  ○  ○  ○

    Dalish Elf Origin


    **Tamlen's romance choice has ...

  • rose cousland

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  • azair blood mage

    требуется мод new person...

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    симпатичная эльфийка...