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  • Dragon Age 2: Origins ReadMe

    Dragon Age 2: Origins
    The Hawke family are from Lothering and Aveline was at Ostegar, yet the Hero of Fereldan did not meet them. Well now they can! This is a repackage of three great mods that, taken together form a psuedo 'origin story' for Aveline, Leandra, Bethany, Carver and, of course, the future Champion of Kirkwall themselves!
    Refer to the mods called out in Acknowledgements for a full list of required asset mods that the NPC morphs depend on.


    I claim no responsibility for Mod contents nor their creation, all I have done is simply combine these three into a simplified installer.
    All kudos and credit for these Mods' creation must go to the users called out in the Acknowledgement...

  • Comments - Endorsements - Questions

    Hey, all. You can leave any comments or questions you'd like here if you don't want to do so in the main comments tab....

  • Anathema EF Hair

    I am BlazingMovement and I am very new to modding, so certain aesthetic areas will high probably be better in the future as I become more proficient at modding!  ??
    The hair was created by the extremely talented LUUTZI, who has allowed others to convert her hairs into other games! (thank you! ❤️ ) 
    The hair is for EF only, (since I almost only play as such). Add all the files in your override folder and add the following in your chargenmorrph:
    <resource name="ef_har_anathema_0" cut="1" />
    Be sure to check out the original hair over here! <3 : https://luutzi.tumblr.com/post/632983403216683008/luutzi-anathema-female-hair-ea-mesh-edit
    This is (as said) my first mod I've converted, so I hope you guys might like it! ❤️ Also, I use the updated Elf...

  • my save game

    my SAVE GAME   Contains full sva egma for dragon age original (wihout dwarf commoner)
    i play with mods of course but you can play without if you want  without problem.
    only problem can be find missing armor/weapon for npc like guard but is not realy problem, they nake....

  • Adding your own variant heads

    You will need to duplicate this whole process for each tint map variant. If you want the tint map(s) to be available for any race and gender you will end up with quite a few files, but they're very small. If you don't want to edit that many files, just make sure you're covering what you need because there are some unintuitive combinations -- for example if you only want it to work for female elves you will need EF_uhm_basa_0.mmh (and LODs) and uh_hed_fema.mao (and LODs) despite the fact that uh_hed_elfa.mao does exist (seemingly unused).

    When you pick a renaming convention I suggest making the same change to both filetypes so that editing the MMHs is easier and you can just paste repeatedly. For example for both MAOs and MMHs I added "pgmt" to the end of the base name and then ...

  • On Feedback

    I'm hoping that this is just me being overly cautious and that this won't be an issue but you never know:

    I will accept constructive criticism. If you feel like there's a better way to word something, that there's a piece of lore I'm overlooking, etc. then I will happily discuss that with you in a civil manner. Who knows? I might even agree with you and change the entry (and credit you!)

    That said, if you don't like this mod for whatever reason, just close the page and don't download my mod. Or open the toolset and make your own! It's quite easy....

  • Known Problems

    Problems with Morphs: ( at least in my game)

    Farinden / ingame DF/ Toolset DM ? / not showing
    Robbed Woman not showing
    Guardian doesn't show
    Shartan not showing...

  • Last minute changes

    Last minute changes: (not visible on the images)

    Wynne: changed haircolor from black to dark brown (bc why not?) in black it always looked like a black blob, it bothered me not then, but now it did.

    Cullen: corrected Jawline

    Leorah: ( Hairstyle wasn't available any longer) She has still his Hairstyle, but the circlet is now golden.

    Maren: (Hairstyle was renamed) New Hairstyle applied....

  • NPC

    Not included Morphs:

    STEN: bc I use qunari update

    FLEMETH: bc I use a DA2 Version of Flemeth 
    ISABELA: Same as Flemeth

    Included Morphs

    city of Amaranthine

    Main + Side
    Eileen Bensley

    Vigils Keep

  • Troubleshooting Dragon Age Module

    If you load the game and happen to see "daorigins" instead of "Dragon Age: Origins", This may indicate that the module wasn't installed properly.
    In this case, please go to the folder you installed candor to, and find the "module" folder, and check if "dragonage-module.jar" is in there, if it's not, please download the module from the downloads page and extract the contents of the zip file to the "module" folder and try again....

  • Inquisition Vallaslin Remastered for Origins

    The DAI vallaslin for DAO, hand painted to properly fit the faces in origins while retaining the look & feel of the original vallaslin....

  • LH's Ceremonial Round Shield

    This is a shield.  It is round and you bash things with it....

  • Elegant Witch Morrigan

    I dunno what this is for buuuttt go nuts I guess? xD...

  • Cutscenes for Sapphos Daughters and The Warden's Women

    We have modded cutscenes so both Sapphos Daughers and The Warden's Women will work with Adopted Dalish Origin wardens.

    These cutscenes  are in a folder that should be placed in packages/core/override.  Please send me a message if you have any problems....

  • How to change the projectiles of bows or staffs by editing game save file using PYGFF.

    This article shows how to edit your save-game files using pyGFF so you can change the projectiles of your character's currently equipped bow/staff.

    1.     Download Mephales's pyGFF.

    2.     Open editor.exe, select the menu: File --> Open, the choose your game save file ( in das
    type), which is in your  “My Documents” folder, such as C:\Users\XXX\Documents\BioWare\DragonAge\Characters\TOM\Saves\QuickSave_1\XXX.das.

    You might want to create a backup file before editing it.

    3.     Inside the save file table, navigate to GFF V4.0 SAVE 1.1 PC --> 16002 SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR --> 16208 SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR_CHAR --> 16219 SAVEGAME_EQUIPMENT_ITEMS.

  • Alright I changed the Hairstyle

    Basically? Couldn't locate the url to it. Any modders ive offended or will offend, im sincerely sorry....

  • A New Leliana

    If you dislike how Bioware originally made Leliana, then I hope you will like my morph of her. In all honesty? Barely took me long to make it when I decided I wanted to tackle the challenge xD...