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Hi whoever
Im Ken Morlock also known as Kenny Orlando or Cassavitis or Neil or.....
My Stepfather and biological father were and are in the entertainment business and thats why so many last names.

I love video games,Anime,SciFi,Horror, fantasy,and of course music...(guitar player)
Fav games are Skyrim SE ,Farcry Primal,Life is strange,Subnautica,This year?
Im big on games you can get lost in....and live in.
Anime favs....OMG the list is far too long but I do love all Hayao Miyazaki films aswell as the 1000 animes I love.

I play guitar and was band active untill 1991 when I had my daughter and had to get a real job.
Turned her into a video game and scifi and anime loving nut case like me....LOL its great to shape young minds!!!

Fav Bands is Led Zep,The Pretty Reckless,Alice in chains,Black Lab,Beatles,Kokia,Coldplay,Bowie,Queen,Foo Fighters,Radiohead,And Im nutz about Vocaloid!

Im not a modder....but love the work they do and spend my free time posting photos,and downloading all these fun mods.
I play Skyrim SE and all other games on the laptop,having portable devices is just my way of life. We like portable!!