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Adds different skins to the CC that are already in the game but not originally accessible for character creation. (i.e. specific companion and NPC face textures as well as the textures for tranquil, infected and (un)dead characters and such)

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This is not really a mod. So you don't necessarily need to download anything - you can also just add the lines manually to your chargenmorphcfg.xml file but I've added one to download if you want to use a compiler instead for more convenience.

I don't know if someone already did this but I couldn't find anything similar so I thought I might as well drop this here for people who either don't know how to or don't want to search through their game files themselves to track these down. 

Technically all I did was to go through the files and look for the skin textures and where they are located and then write that down. (Well, in this case I also made an overview so it's easier to look for specific textures and then just add the lines for the skins that you want to have available for character creation)

Skins that you'll be able to use this way are textures like the tranquil one or the ones for infected and (un)dead characters as well as specific companion and NPC face textures (Fenris, Cassandra, Meredith, Flemeth...).

If you want to add the lines manually to your chargenmorphcfg.xml file just put these under <skins> :

<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\shared\heads\textures\mt_hed_scra_0d"/>
<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\shared\heads\textures\mt_hed_trqa_0d"/>
<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\elfmale\textures\em_hed_frsa_0d"/>
<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\shared\heads\textures\mt_hed_zbm_0d"/>
<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\shared\heads\textures\hf_hed_casa_0d"/>
<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\shared\heads\textures\hf_hed_mera_0d"/>
<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\textures\mt_hed_flma_0d"/>
<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\elfmale\textures\em_hed_orsa_0d"/>
<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\shared\heads\textures\mt_hed_infa_0d"/>
<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\shared\heads\textures\mt_hed_infb_0d"/>
<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\shared\heads\textures\mt_hed_olda_0d"/>
<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\shared\heads\textures\mt_hed_sika_0d"/>
<resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\shared\heads\textures\mt_hed_deda_0d"/>

Remove any that you don't want. You can look through the images that I've uploaded here, that should make it easier to determine which ones you want to keep.