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Ports of DAI's Dalish armors, replacing some of the DA2 Dalish armors.

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I wanted to get rid of the rather un-Dalish looking HvyN armor, and got a bit carried away.  These are ports of all the elven armors from DAI, replacing their DA2 equivalents (mostly).  Also ports of the elven shields (one as replacer, one as a new model), and conversion of the DA2 EM-only commoner hats for EF. 

The different models are all separated for easy mixing-and-matching. 

Shouldn't really conflict with anything, unless that mod also edits the models/textures.  Can be installed or uninstalled at any time.

Also in the screenshots:
Elves with Human Skin Redux
KS Hairs for Elven NPCs
Dalish Weapons for the Dalish