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Isabela's piercings on their own for morph makers.

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For those unaware, all DAO and DA2 morphs have access to slot 3 of a .mor. In the vanilla game this is generally where a beard goes, but it is
possible to put other things in there too.

This is Isabela's earrings and face piercing mesh, seperated from her hair and renamed to go in the beard slot. This should let you put any other hairstyle you want on her. Or so you can put her piercings on any other human female, if the ears are in the same place as Isabela's.
I have added some duplicates with unique texture paths, so you can retexture them if you want them for Hawke.

List of meshes:
hf_brd_isabe1- Earrings and Labret (uses original texture)
hf_brd_isabe2 -Earrings only (uses original texture)

hf_brd_isabe3 - Earrings and Labret (uses unique texture path)
hf_brd_isabe4 - Earrings only (uses unique texture path)

This is a modder's resource, it doesn't do anything on its own.

How to install
Drop ERF in override.

These go in SLOT 3 of a .mor. If no slot 3 exists, you will need to create one.
Dragon Age Origins toolset: While on morph parts, right click and add insert string. It should provide a new row with a 3.
pygff: click on morph parts. go to the bottom left of the interface and click 'add'. A new row with a 3 should appear.
Be sure to fill in with the full filename, i.e art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_brd_ccalpbeth1

I have provided an example .mor, it uses Ellise's textures but that should be easy to change if you want to.

If you want this mod for Origins
Isabela earrings