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Replaces Tallis's green outfit with the Orlesian Servant outfit

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I never liked Tallis's unique outfit. Since she is meant to be Hawke's servant at Chateau Haine, I replaced her green armour outfit with the outfit the Chateau servants wear.
While this uses the base game's textures, it has its own model. I have had to heavily edit the weighing on the bottom of the tunic. This is because Tallis's custom animations or animation blend tree do not incorporate the skirt bones, so leaving the model as it originally was would leave the skirts poking out oddly. So only download if you're ok with clipping.

This requires Customisable Tallis OR Elven Tallis Redux as they seperate her head from her body mesh.
Drop in override to install. Make sure it loads after the required mods alphabetically or it won't show up.