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Unlocks a matching specialisation for some companions while keeping their unique skills.

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Some Companion Talent Trees contain Talents that are also found in the Specialisation Trees available to Hawke, yet the Companions do not have access to all the Talents a specialised Hawke does. This mod addresses this by giving these Companions the Specialisation Trees, while keeping their unique Talents in place. Talents that overlap between these Trees have been removed from the Companion Tree.

The following Companions are affected:
Anders (Spirit Healer)
Fenris (Reaver)
Isabela (Duelist)
Merrill (Blood Mage)
Sebastian (Shadow)
Optional files are included to give Anders and Merrill access to the Entropy and Creation Trees, respectively. Download only one file per Companion.


Drop the files into Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override.

[Compatibility and Conflicts]

This mod will conflict with any other mods that edit the respective Companion's class_abilities_x.gda, as well as mods that edit the Companion's abilities in abi_base.gda or abi_seb.gda.
This mod will not work correctly for Companions you already have encountered in your savegame.