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Fixes the Custom Preset in Tactics for the "Surrounded By..." condition.

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Custom Tactic Presets have a bug where you can't set a condition "Ally: Surrounded by..." and "Enemy: Surrounded by..." even though certain abilities in non-custom presets default to those.
Back-to-Back for rogues defaults to "Ally: Surrounded by at least three enemies"
Fenris' Spirit Pulse defaults to "Enemy: Surrounded by at least three enemies"

This mod fixes that bug and gives you the option to set those manually as well.

Thanks to Hermaen2000 and Cirosan for helping with this one.

If you want to manually do this:

1. Download pyGFF and GDApp
2. Open pyGFF and using its extract feature get tacticsbaseconditions.gda from the <path_to_game>\packages\core\data\2da.rim file
3. Open that tacticsbaseconditions.gda inside the GDApp and find the ID 31, Label Surrounded by Targets
4. Find the column 'ValidForTarget' and change it to 7 (BITMASK, 1 is for Self, 2 is for Ally, 4 is for Enemy. 1 + 2 + 4 = 7. Check Type values from the image.png)
5. Once you are done with the changes, delete all the other rows in this file except the one we changed. Check the '[Del] key removes the row' at the top of GDApp and hold the Del key on your keyboard until you remove them all.
6. Go to File> Save As and name it something "unique", like tacticsbaseconditions_surrounded.gda. Put that gda file inside your override folder and that should be all.