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Switches tints to give Fenris, Merrill, and Sebastian brown eyes. Also restores Merrill's skin tint to resemble Origins. Optionally changes Fenris and Sebastian's skin tints to darker tints.

Permissions and credits
Switches Fenris, Merrill, and Sebastian's eye tints to give them brown eyes. You can install your choice of a light brown or dark brown eye tint for each character. Please see attached screenshots for comparison.

Also restores Merrill's skin tint closer to her appearance in Origins. I have also included optional darker skin tints for Fenris and Sebastian to counteract the game's weird exposure and better resemble their art outside of the game.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod does not include armor tint maps. To fix the vanilla tint maps, you will need to download mods that add armor tint maps for these characters. Fixing the tint maps is not required, but it is highly recommended. Characters WILL have mismatched face and hand tints otherwise!

Note that I've only modded eye and skin tints that, to my knowledge, were not covered this way in other mods. For example, I have not modded Isabela as there are already mods to give her both brown eyes and darker skin. However, while there are other great mods that give these three characters darker skin tints, I couldn't find any that also gave them brown eyes, so made these simple edits. Please compare mine with other mods to find the mod that you prefer!


  1. Use the screenshots to decide which combination of eye and skin tint you want for each companion.
  2. Download and unzip the files you want.
  3. Drag and drop the files into override. (Default location is documents/bioware/dragonage2/packages/core/override)
  4. All done!

  1. Decide that you don't care just generally give them brown eyes or whatever
  2. Download the "Default" erf file.
  3. Drag and drop the file into override. (Default location is documents/bioware/dragonage2/packages/core/override)
  4. All done!


Make sure there are no other mods that might be editing the same files. (See "Files Modified" for reference.)
For example, if you have mods installed that change companion faces, it is likely this mod will be incompatible with them.
If you are still having trouble, try removing mods from override until you determine the issue.